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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A temperamental warmonger and a black nationalist

Has there ever been a worse choice?

McCain won the nomination only because Huckabee and Romney split the conservative vote in the primaries. There seemed to be a sense among the voters that he "deserved" it for having been a victim of the Cong for five years and of W's dirty tactics in 2000. Who knows, maybe he did.

McCain evidently has a well deserved reputation for being snide and temperamental in the Senate. He ditched his first wife because she lost her looks and married his second because she was an heiress. He was one of the Keating Five. He knows nothing of economics and has said as much. He "suspended" his campaign to help out with the economic bailout plan, arrived in DC amidst great fanfare, and contributed exactly nothing, because he had nothing to contribute. His proposed solution to the current economic crisis is to cut earmarks and pork barrel spending, which have nothing to do with the current crisis. He says we should fight in Iraq for a hundred years if that's what it takes and wants to escalate the war in Afghanistan.

Because he suffered in wartime as a young man, Mr. Permawar wants to make sure that other young men suffer too.

Obama is running as a "uniter", which must be why he was named the most liberal U.S. Senator and only chooses allies and mentors like Ayres and Wright. (He must want to "unite" us with Cuba and Venezuela.) His entire campaign is a masterful work of obfuscation. He talks only of his concern for the middle class, but his past efforts have been purely on behalf of the black underclass. He left less of a paper record as editor of the Harvard Law Review than anyone before or since, seemingly by design.

Obama's solution to our economic crisis is to move us closer to socialism. If the twentieth century taught us one lesson, it's that socialism doesn't work, but that doesn't stop the True Believers, of whom he is one.

In an early speech he said that the Republicans' tactic against him would be to say, "He doesn't look like the other Presidents. Oh, and did we tell you, he's black?" (When was it exactly when McCain said that?) His campaign staff has encouraged his followers to shout down opposing views. And his campaign has paid $800,000 to ACORN to register voters multiple times.

Deep within Barack Obama beats the heart of Robert Mugabe.

If only Ron Paul were running as an independent.

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