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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Obsessed, the number one movie in the nation last week, is about a beautiful blonde office temp, played by Ali Larter, who stalks a successful black money manager played by Idris Elba. She tries tirelessly to tempt him into an affair, but he resists, determined to stay faithful to his wife, who is played by Beyonce Knowles. Eventually Larter manipulates the situation so that Beyonce suspects her husband is cheating on her, and throws him out of their house, despite his actual innocence.

During the movie's climactic scene, Beyonce gets into a violent catfight with Larter.

Executive producers include Earvin (Magic) Johnson, Beyonce Knowles, Matthew Knowles, and Glenn Gainor.

It's about time Hollywood finally tackled the epidemic social problem of beautiful blondes who sexually harass and stalk noble black men.

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