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Thursday, September 10, 2009

A toast to Joe Wilson

(The outspoken one, center)

Congressman Joe --

Your outburst last night while President Obama was speaking was entirely inappropriate. If you have such scant self-control in front of all your colleagues, I can only shudder to think of how you behave in private. You look like the kind of overbearing guy who can never admit he's wrong -- except when your mistake is made on national television and your party leaders insist you apologize. I'm guessing you're a narcissistic personality, and that if I knew you personally, I'd dislike you -- intensely.

On the other hand, I can't help but feel a certain secret satisfaction that you brought a town hall-style spirit of rebellion to the proceedings last night. Obama probably was lying when he said his plan would not insure illegal aliens -- otherwise why would he change the number of uninsured in this country from the previously stated 47 down to 30 million? (Anyway, they will be insured as soon as he legalizes them.) By blurting out "You lie!" during the speech, you gave voice to the feelings of many watching the speech on television.

For those of us who are voiceless, thank you -- you insufferable blowhard.


Anonymous said...

This expresses the fundamental discomforts of many on the right. On the one hand we detest the direction the Democratic policies are taking us and at the same time we find the most vocal opponents of those policies equally (or more) detestable! Oh dear, a BAD time to be a conservative. Where is Eisenhower when you need him?

John Craig said...

The only consolation to all this is that 2010 is probably going to be a good time to be a conservative candidate, whether you're going for Harry Reid's seat or Ted Kennedy's.