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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Surprising photos

While looking for another picture of Amanda Simpson for the post below, I stumbled across this website, which features pictures of transsexual women:

What's most striking about these photographs is how feminine many of these women look. I had expected a lot of them to look like classic transvestites, i.e., like men dressed up as women. But a surprising number are very attractive.

This, of course, brings up the classic guy's question.

Don't worry, I'm not going to ask. And I'm certainly not gonna answer.

Addendum, a day later: After putting up this post, I showed my son the above pictures and quickly asked, "Good-looking, eh? Would you do them?" My son looked at them and nodded yes. Then, as his eyes took in the first paragraph, he quickly yelled, "You asshole! Dad, you asshole!! What kind of sick father would set his son up that way?!"

(Me, I guess.)


Anonymous said...

These really are surprising photos. Some of the women are stunning. I imagine many of them were very pretty little boys before their "reassignment". Any idea how many hormones they have to take every day to keep looking like women?

John Craig said...

I have no idea. But I have to admit, some of those photos had me thinking things I'm not about to admit in this forum. (Although I guess I just admitted it.)

Anonymous said...

I know someone who has a MtoF transgender colleague who indirectly indicated, in a way that implied some concern, that she requires a fairly significant ongoing hormone dose. I have no idea what that means in specific terms. Both are medical professionals. I would guess from the above that there are some long term health risk issues associated with the treatment.

Anonymous said...

The last comment made me wonder whether the government's proposed healthcare program will include coverage for M/F reassigments and subsequent hormone maintenance therapy. Sounds expensive.

John Craig said...

That's a good question, and yes, it does sound expensive. Looking at the link with all the pictures of the transsexuals, it usually gave the date of the reassignment surgery, and it usually took place over a three year period, meaning, the process required a number of operations.

Anonymous said...

Below are links to more surpising photos of transgenders. They're surprising for very different reasons than those you posted. They're also more than a little disturbing.,,20210491,00.html

John Craig said...

Thank you for those links. You're right, they are disturbing. Just showed some of the pictures to my son, and his reaction was, "What the f%#&? What twisted times we live in. Why couldn't I live in a normal, saner time, like during the Inquisition?"