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Friday, January 22, 2010

Obama's campaign promises

A friend sent a link to an article which contrasts Obama's campaign promises and his actions since becoming President:

It is by no means comprehensive, but the juxtaposition makes the differences striking.


Anonymous said...

Not directly related to this post: regarding sentiments toward Obama and the Democrats - I recently read some interesting statistics in an article by Lawrence Kudlow, and found similar references on the web. The general idea is that since the start of the 'great recession' people in the private sector have been getting hurt badly, while government workers are enjoying a boom time.

From Kudlow's article: "... An important USA Today story about the boom times in the Beltway underscores all this. The paper earlier this month (sic) that the number of federal workers earning six figure salaries exploded during the recession. The number of federal pay caps eased, while pay hikes proliferated .... According to Chris Edwards at Cato, there are now 383,000 federal workers earning six figure salaries, and 22,000 earning salaries over $170,000. The number of civil servants making $100,000 or more has jumped 46 percent since the start of the recession, and the average federal worker's pay and benefits is $120,000, double the comparable $60,000 package in the private sector. Edwards also reports the Recovery Act funding has created 407,000 government contract jobs."

In the private sector there have been massive layoffs, and many who've kept their jobs have accepted pay cuts. From my experience, work conditions in the private sector keep getting tougher, lower pay, fewer benefits, and tighter work environments. Employers have a deep pool of workers ready, no need to worry about keeping active the workforce happy.

Meanwhile, I hear nothing about similar conditions and sacrifices in the public sector.

It all looks a little upside down.

Is the public waking up?

- Ed

John Craig said...

Ed --
From what I can see, yes.

I've heard similar statistics for New York state government workers, from '08 to '09 the number of workers making over six figures went up considerably (I don't remember the details). But it was surprising, given how everybody else has had to tighten their belts.

Anonymous said...

This is a huge issue. Apparently, in the UK, public sector employment went from 39% of national employment to 56%. Scarily this gives more than 50% of that country an incentive to vote for big government. So once one is at that point the risk of what I might call the "socialist death spiral" becomes quite real. As these trends are very difficult to reverse, they need to be resisted as vigorously as possible.

(Anecdotally I believe that the compensation trends are also very similar to those reported by Ed.)