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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tilda Swinton

After I posted the review of Sherlock Holmes (below) a couple people asked whom I would have preferred as Irene Adler. The first person to come to mind was Tilda Swinton. She has an air of self-possession, and can come across cold (which is why she was cast as the White Witch in Narnia). But she also exudes intelligence, and most of us would be willing to believe that beautiful face covers a basic decency, too.

Not that there wouldn't have been problems with Swinton-as-Adler. First, she is almost six feet, which means she would have dwarfed Robert Downey. (He's listed at 5' 9", which means he's probably 5' 7" or 5' 8".) Second, at 49, she is a little old for the role, though she could play ten years younger.

Swinton is always described as having an androgynous beauty, which seems accurate enough. She certainly has an elegant beauty, with that swanlike neck, those aristocratic features, and an air of refinement.

A lot of guys seem to prefer the Pamela Anderson type. Myself, I think Swinton has it all over her.


Anonymous said...

Based on the picture, I'd say she's also a shoo-in to play Bowie in the inevitable biopic. She even has different size irises. See ;)
PS She was good in Michael Clayton.

John Craig said...

Good point, she does look like Bowie; that hadn't occurred to me before. But somehow what makes her beautiful as a woman doesn't quite work for him as a man. I checked that picture out, I couldn't tell that she has different size irises from it.

I agree, she was excellent in Michael Clayton.

Anonymous said...

I like the less androgynous Tilda!

John Craig said...

I like her too, though I have to admit I'd still go for the androgynous version. I put this new picture up because my brother, who's also a fan of hers, told me I had chosen a bad picture.