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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's all over

The "Obama Girl" from 2008 -- Amber Lee Ettinger -- announced yesterday that she no longer has a crush on Obama.

Crushes by their nature don't last forever, but having even the Obama Girl herself declare publicly that she is no longer infatuated shows that the zeitgeist has come full swing.

Amber Lee never came across as a particularly astute political analyst, but she does seem to have captured something in the national mood, both in 2008 and now. She was a symbol of a time when "hope and change" seemed like a legitimate political platform and not just snake oil. And now this political barometer has announced that the main reason she no longer has a crush is "broken promises."

It's doubtful that Obama can ever regain the national trust enough to be reelected, but don't be surprised if he experiences some sort of comeback in the polls, perhaps in a year or two. The economy will eventually show signs of recovery, as is natural in its never-ending boom and bust cycle. And when it does, Obama will undoubtedly take credit.

At the rate Obama is going, pretty soon he'll only have one direction to go anyway -- up.

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