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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Last night on MSNBC somebody said that although the military is only 15% female, roughly 50% of the people who are expelled from the armed services for being gay are female. The speaker was outraged at this "evidence" of sexism.

This is as ridiculous as being angry at the Department of Justice for their "racism" for saying that blacks commit roughly 50% of all murders, despite the fact that they are only 12% of the population.

The military is a field which attracts the more masculine types from both sexes. As a rule, gay men are not drawn to combat. (Certainly not always, but as a rule.) Gay women, on the other hand, are generally drawn to more masculine pursuits. So it stands to reason that a much higher proportion of women than men in the armed services would be gay. (I've heard, from people who've been in the military, that this is so.) One obviously can't say that there are exactly as many gay women as gay men in the military, but as a rough approximation, that's probably not too far off.

The kind of mind which is unable to fathom that different groups don't all have exactly the same traits is far more likely to lean left. After all, if there are no group differences in abilities and behavior, then any group differences in outcome must be due to racism or sexism or homophobia.

Yet these are the same people who celebrate "diversity" most loudly. (Just not diversity when it comes to abilities or behaviors -- or, for that matter, beliefs.)

Gays should be allowed to serve openly in the military, and deserve our gratitude for being willing to risk their lives in service to our country. But trying to justify their inclusion on specious charges of sexism only hurts their cause.

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