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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Living beyond one's means

Some people like to live beyond their means. They buy houses they can't afford. They splurge on fancy vacations and fancy cars and eat out at expensive restaurants. If they see something they want, they just buy it, even if it means going into debt. They don't save for the future, and give nary a thought to what will happen tomorrow, let alone in their old age.

Such people often end up bankrupt, losing almost everything they have.

People like this are a good metaphor for America, since this is what the United States is doing right now. Such drunken sailor-type behavior is harder to see with a country than with an individual person, since a country, with its unlimited borrowing power, can delay its day of reckoning for a long time.

The health care bill, to be voted on this afternoon, looks to be more of the same. As of this writing, it looks as if it's going to pass, against the wishes of the elelctorate.

There have been some recent articles pooh-poohing the polls which show that the public is against the bill. Yes, polls can be misleading, their results often skewed by how the questions were phrased.

But in this case, there has already been a foolproof poll taken. The people of Massachusetts, which already has a version of Obamacare in place, voted for Scott Brown over Martha Coakley. Brown's most prominent position was that he was against the health care bill. That poll, taken in the bluest of blue states, accurately gauged the temperature of the American people.

Unfortunately, it probably won't stop Congress from acting as if they're on shore leave this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Good suggestions for a better government- when are you running for office? I also like your parents' suggestion- more substance, less tabloid.

John Craig said...

Thank you, I'll run for office as soon as my parents let me, I guess.

But please, don't encourage them -- they'll just get more critical. And tabloid is so much fun.