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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


My son was talking the other day about how exciting it would be like to be in a place like the Korengal Valley (in Afghanistan) when I pointed out, "You could get killed by a sniper. Or blown up by an IED. Or maybe you'll just have your legs blown off."

Now that Johnny has actually enlisted, there's really no point to my warning him of these dangers anymore. For a long time I did so in a vain attempt to discourage him from enlisting, though by this past year it was evident my words were bouncing off deaf ears. Now that he's actually about to be a soldier I should probably just be supportive. The fact that I still warn him is a matter of habit, I suppose.

Johnny just sort of gave a half laugh and said, "Here I was having a good time and....Dad, there's no one who can kill a good vibe quite like you."

I can't really argue.


Anonymous said...

Historical reading suggestion for Johnny:

Anonymous said...

PS I'm hoping he gets posted to Michigan to protect us against the Hutaree.

John Craig said...

Guy --
Thank you very much; just showed the book to my son, he said it looked interesting, and we ordered it.

As to your latter sentiment, thank you, but I'm afraid he's going to volunteer to go to Afghanistan.