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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

All the Propaganda That's Fit to Print

There was a riot in Times Square late Sunday night. Gangs of youths descended on the area for what Mayor Bloomberg described as a "wilding" episode. Four people were shot and fifty-four people were arrested. One person was shot right outside the front door of the New York Times building.

Where did the Times choose to report this in Tuesday's paper? On page A22, buried where few would see it. After all, the rioters were minorities and you wouldn't want to put them in a bad light.

And what did the Times choose to put on the front page instead? "Priest Charged With Abuse in U.S. Is Still Serving in India." This was the sixth time in seven days they've put the Catholic church abuse scandal on the front page.

I have no doubt that those priests are for the most part a bunch of perverts. (What else would you expect of a job which forbids marriage?) But this has only been going on for a thousand years or so. Has it been worthy of front page coverage for the entire past week?

Or might the Times be carrying on some sort of vendetta?


Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

In my parish, St. John the Evangelist in Goshen, NY, the first major pedophile scandal materialized in the early nineties. The priest in question, "Father Ed" had been molesting boys in their early teens. To say that the parishioners were traumatized by this would be an understatement. They were devastated. Then something wondrous happened....

Father Ed was eventually replaced by Father Trevor Nichols. Father Trevor had been an Anglican in merrie old England when he converted to Catholicism. On becoming a Catholic was transferred to Saint John's - WITH HIS WIFE AND TWO DAUGHTERS! A married priest! WITH TWO KIDS!

You want to hear the punch line? Our little parish did not implode. The sun did not fall from the sky. Huge cracks did not appear in the earth's surface. In fact, it was nice having them. They were - and are to this day - deeply beloved by the people of St. John's.

Allowing priests to marry would transform the Catholic Church. Having a married priest and his lovely family in our midst certainly transformed the people of St. John's.

Tom Degan

John Craig said...

Tom --
Thank you for your comment. I agree, allowing priests to marry would solve much of the problem; the percentage of people attracted to the profession who were child molesters would go way down.

Anonymous said...

And with a wife and kids, priests would likely understand the issues faced by their parishioners much more clearly...

John Craig said...

Yes, having priest marry people (and giver a little lecture about marriage during the ceremony) and also occasionally act as marriage counselors seems a little anomalous.