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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ah, romance

The following article appeared in yesterday's NY Post:

Woman raped in West Village park
Two thugs were charged with raping an unconscious woman on a West Village park bench, police said yesterday.

A witness told cops the victim was out cold in Jackson Square Park on West Fourth Street on about 11:35 A.M. Monday when the men approached her. She was lying face down on the bench when one man allegedly got on top of her and took off her pants. Both then raped her, cops said.

The witness called police and Anthony Torres, 19, who has a previous rape arrest, and Stanley Drayton, 29, were arrested and charged with rape.

My question is, didn't either man want to at least romance her a bit beforehand, maybe get to know her a little better? Maybe Anthony could have taken her for a long walk on the beach, then held her hand, and gazed rapturously into her eyes, a la Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan at the end of Sleepless in Seattle. Stanley might have wanted to have write her a couple of love letters, or perhaps buy her some roses.

Well, I guess some guys just aren't all that romantic.

On the other hand, it's heartwarming to see such a beautiful friendship between the two men. They were wonderfully cooperative, and neither seemed the least bit jealous of the other. There was no "I wanna go first/No I wanna go first" conflict.

Perhaps these two heroes can learn to be romantic in jail.

With each other.

And with every other guy who feels amorous towards them.

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