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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Securing our homeland

When Umar Abdulmatallab failed to blow up an airliner above Detroit, thanks in part to the quick thinking of a Dutch passenger who happened to be sitting near him, our redoubtable Homeland Security chief, Janet Napolitano, said, "The system worked."

At least after Saturday night's near miss in Times Square she didn't claim this incident as a triumph.

She did, however, initially say that it was a "one-off," meaning, just a random event.

In other words, the bomber could just as easily been a Catholic, or a Jew. Killing a bunch of innocent bystanders would be bad, to be sure, but the real crime here would be to recognize any sort of pattern among the recent terrorists.

Napolitano seems to regard her primary job as securing our homeland against any sort of ethnic profiling.


Glowering Gargoyle said...

Yes, John. Your point is 100% politically incorrect; but it's the absolute truth.

John Craig said...

Glowering Gargoyle -- Thank you. (And I love your name.) Those gargoyles on the corners of buildings do a better job of protecting their homeland than Janet Napolitano does.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the loonies are in charge. Homeland Security, what a joke. My gosh, if sane, honest people were heading government agencies, many tragedies could be avoided.