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Saturday, May 29, 2010

When different forms of political correctness collide

An article from the AP via Yahoo News this morning:

"Malawi's President: Pardon and Release Gay Couple

BLANTYRE, Malawi – Malawi's president on Saturday pardoned and ordered the release of a gay couple sentenced to 14 years in prison, but said that homosexuality remains illegal in this conservative southern African nation.

Activists were searching for a safe house for the couple, fearing they could be attacked upon release....

Malawi is among 37 African countries with anti-gay laws.

In Senegal police have rounded up men suspected of being homosexual and beaten them, and a mob last year pulled the corpse of a gay man from his grave, spat on it and dumped it at the home of his elderly parents.

In Zimbabwe this month, two employees of a gay organization spent six days in jail on allegations of possessing indecent material and displaying a placard seen as insulting to President Robert Mugabe, an outspoken critic of homosexuality.

In Uganda, a proposed law would impose the death penalty for some gays.

Even in South Africa, the only country that recognizes gay rights, lesbians have been gang-raped."

Where are the American politicians who should be calling for economic embargoes and withdrawal of aid to Malawi and every other African country which outlaws homosexuality?

The liberals certainly weren't hesitant to call for an economic boycott of Arizona, which merely passed a law authorizing it to do what the federal government is supposed to do, which is uphold the country's immigration laws.

This situation reminds me a little of when the gay marriage referendum didn't pass in California a couple years ago. Gay activists stormed various Mormon churches in the state, and threw condoms at parishioners in protest against their stance against gay marriage. But pastors at black churches in the state had also come out almost unanimously against gay marriage. Why didn't the gay protesters invade those churches and throw condoms at the church-goers there?

Not that there was ever any doubt about which form of political correctness would win out here. Race will trump sexuality every time.

Still, it's amusing to see.

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