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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I'm relieved that car bomb did not detonate in Times Square on Saturday evening. Even if it was amateurishly put together, its potential for mayhem was still huge.

Early indications are that attempted bomber Faisal Shahzad has ties to the Pakistani Taliban. (You'd think the bomb would have been better put together, given how well Asians usually do in the Westinghouse Science Fair.)

Now that Shahzad is in custody, I must also confess to a little relief that the suspected bomber was not another anti-government right winger like Timothy McVeigh.

Rachel Maddow of MSNBC recently ran a special on her show on McVeigh, which she introduced by saying, "Nine years after his execution, we are left worrying that Timothy McVeigh's voice from the grave echoes in the new rising tide of anti-government extremism."

Unfortunately for Maddow and her cohorts at MSNBC, the Tea Party activists haven't committed any acts of vandalism or violence as their left wing equivalents so often do. So Rachel had to dredge up McVeigh instead.

Good correlation.

Had the bomber turned out to be a right winger, Rachel, upon hearing of it, would undoubtedly have had three orgasms on the spot. And we never would have heard the end of the story.

So thank goodness for that.

I must, however, also confess to a little disappointment. I'd sorta been hoping that the "middle-aged white man" originally seen walking away from the SUV turned out to be Keith Olbermann.

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