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Thursday, June 24, 2010

George Will

A funny and uncharacteristically intemperate editorial by George Will in which he almost -- almost -- pokes fun at Elena Kagan for being fat:

Will is another one who would have made a great President.


Anonymous said...

I think libertarians have only two choices: Secede to get out from under the heavy hand of the Feds, or leave and form a new nation with libertarian principles. Maybe the modern way to do this would be to buy Iceland, which right now is probably quite inexpensive?

John Craig said...

Or conquer Iceland, which doesn't seem to have too much of the viking spirit left.

We oughta buy Hawaii while we're at it, tourism is way down, land prices must be way down as well.

Well, maybe just Kauai.

Okay, Prince Edward Island.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize before today that PEI is a whole province! Plus, I discovered that there is a new province called Nunavut. I just hate this - everything I learned at school has been trashed by political meddling - like what happened to Peking? Bombay?
Plus the damned scientists got rid of the Brontosaurus.
Progress sucks.

John Craig said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Although I sort of like Denali rather than Mt. McKinley. But most of the old names just seemed more evocative: Ceylon, Abyssinia, Bechuanaland, Persia, etc. Heck, I'd even bring back Mesopotamia if I could.

Of course, they brought back the Congo, which was always one of the most evocative names of all, in a heart of darkest Africa sort of way.