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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Becoming educated

A few days ago I talked to a friend whose daughter is now a freshman at an Ivy League college. When I asked how she liked it so far, he mournfully recited her list of courses.

"The first one is an ethnic studies course, I forget what it's called. The second course is called something like 'Johnny is a Queer,' an offering from the gender studies department. Her third course is another one in ethnic studies. And her fourth course is -- get this -- Modern Dance."

I asked, "What is her major going to be, Political Correctness?"

He continued, "So I asked her, 'Have you ever considered taking any courses that might make an employer possibly want to hire you when you graduate?' Oh well, it's her first semester. If she continues on in this vein we're going to have a serious talk."

Tuition, room, and board at the average Ivy League college this year is slightly in excess of $50,000 this year. If you were thinking of attending one, I can save you the money by summarizing for you exactly what the professors in those courses are going to teach:

People of color are good; white people are bad. Gay people are good; heterosexuals are bad.

There's plenty of evidence for that, of course, and it will be part of the curriculum. There is also plenty of evidence to the contrary, and it will all be ignored. There won't be even the slightest pretense of fair-mindedness.

There. I've just saved you the cost of a brainwashing.

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