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Friday, September 17, 2010

President losing it?

A friend emailed this:

I have no idea whether it's true, but everything that is said certainly rings true. On the other hand, this website does feature some satirical and fictional pieces. But those pieces were labeled as satire or fiction and this was not. Since both the author and his interviewee, the supposed White House insider, remain anonymous, so we can't know for sure. But much of this scuttlebutt has been heard elsewhere, and as stated above, it's all plausible.


Anonymous said...

It takes a good actor/screen presence to be a successful pol these days, but what we see on TV rarely reveals the private persona. During the recent UK election Gordon Brown was famously caught on tape calling one of his supporters a “bigot” because she questioned him on immigration policy. At about the same time articles appeared describing his raging temper and bullying of staff going back over many of his years in government. IMHO these stories/incidents are more revealing of his character than his public persona. However, it is always difficult to assess the truth of these reports which can be unreliable or biased criticism of disaffected/disgruntled former employees (and very often are dismissed as such). Like you, I find much of this rings true, but we’re unlikely to hear much on the record about this until the memoirs and apologias are written, at which point no-one will care very much.

John Craig said...

Agreed on all counts. I couldn't agree with you more: the persona of most public people is just a facade. how they treat their underlings is far more revealing of their character than how much "compassion" they show for the underclass. Bill Clinton, who pretended to cry over poverty statistics during the Presidential debate in 1992 but now that he's out of office only hangs out with billionaires, is typical. Clinton was also known to have a raging temper (translation: no inhibitions, just like the sociopath he is). I agree about disgruntled ex-employees, but when you get enough of them (and also ex-friends and ex-wives) saying the same thing, there's only one conclusion to draw.