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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Teenagers suck

When my daughter was five, if she hadn't seen me for a few hours, she would come running up to greet me and throw herself into my arms.

These days if I try to hug her, she holds her elbows out to prevent such from occurring.

When my daughter was seven, if I went to her room, she would eagerly show me whatever it was that was occupying her attention at the moment.

These days, if she hears my footsteps approaching her room, she puts her foot behind the door so it is only open one inch, peers out from behind with one eye, and guardedly asks, "What do you want Dad?"

When my daughter was young, she would ask me to play games with her and watch her do various athletic feats.

These days, if I ask her directions to her high school cross country meet, she laughingly gives me the wrong directions. When it turns out that some of the other parents went, and I ask why I couldn't, she just shrugs as if this isn't of the least concern to her.

I understand that this evolution is inevitable, and universal. And I'm glad my daughter is normal.

But the process is, at best, bittersweet.


Anonymous said...

Mother and son may be even worse: the best I can hope for is an off-to-the-side, very quick chest bump (and only upon request, with a good reason). I actually had to ask for a hug as a birthday present. Even then,I received only a a quick, half-hearted one.
My son was much more affectionate than my daughter as a toddler (I hear this from a lot of mothers) so it hurts a little more. Julie

John Craig said...

Julie -- The only thing I can tell you is just to repeat what I already said in the post, that it's universal. We really wouldn't want clingy teenagers. It's actually become a little bit of a joke between my daughter and me (the needy father and standoffish daughter routine), and she laughed when she read the post -- although she also made the obligatory jibe ("No one is going to care Dad.")

Thank you for proving her wrong.

dgh said...

Some days I wonder if George could be any more obnoxious!!!:) If the choice was having a "mamma's boy" or a son who joins the army, I would choose the latter even though I am terrified!! Normal is good but can be hurtful....

John Craig said...

Donna -- I don't see George as obnoxious but I'm not his parent.

I'm completely with you on the mama's boy vs. soldier issue, though I'm terrified too.