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Friday, October 15, 2010

Judge for yourself

Although I go to the BFRO site on an almost daily basis, my computer is set up so I just go directly to the new sightings page, not to the front page. A friend pointed out yesterday that the front page now has a link to what seems to be a genuine -- albeit brief and somewhat blurry -- film of a sasquatch in a remote section of the McKenzie River in Oregon. It appears at 1:42 of the film; take a look and judge for yourself.

It does add to the credibility of such a "sighting" when the film was shot for another reason, and the figure in the background is only discovered a couple years later. Such was the case with the Mono Lake film, where the family which took a film of their vacation only noticed the blurry-but-unmistakeably-bipedal figure with long arms in the background seventeen years later. No hoaxer would wait that long to unveil a "discovery":

Addendum, 10/17/10: Upon further research it turns out that an enhanced picture shows that there might be a second figure with the first, in which case the two figures are most likely human. It also turns out that the area in which the figure was sighted is fairly easily accessible by a short hike from a road, which increases the possibility that it was human. My apologies to Mr. Hoffmann for my nasty response to his comment (not that he really deserves one).


Anonymous said...

Although the black blob flashes on the screen for less than one second it's behavior is clearly "consistent with a Sasquatch" And it makes so much sense for a Sasquatch to be seen near a river because....ready? it is a source of water.

There you have it! I'm convinced.


PS just doing my job!

John Craig said...

Mr. Wise Guy --
The dark "blob," as you describe it, was clearly a bipedal creature with long arms and a head set low on its shoulders. If you don't believe me, freeze frame it. And by the way, what's your explanation for what it was?

An empty case of beer bottles is sitting in my basement just waiting to be filled. [private joke]