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Friday, November 5, 2010

Another plea

When my son was catching up on this blog while on leave after basic training, he noticed a commenter from Finland. He asked how this guy had come across the blog, and I said I didn't know. Johnny then said, "Gee Dad, you really have lots of readers from all over the world -- North Wilton...South Wilton...even some from West Wilton."

If you've been reading this blog and enjoying it, I beg you to pass it along to three more people. (You don't even have to have enjoyed the blog, but merely have found it mildly amusing.) I understand that you would want to distance yourself from some of the things I've said, but that's easily enough done. Here's what you say:

"The guy has some pretty controversial opinions, and I certainly don't agree with everything he says. At one point he even says he thinks Bigfoot is real, which is of course completely crazy. But most of what he says is the kind of stuff most people think but don't say, like about race, and it can be pretty interesting. Reading between the lines, you can tell he's sort of egotistical, but he can be really funny from time to time too. It's worth taking a look at."

There. Thank you for passing it along.

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