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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In the town next to mine.....

The Norwalk Hour had an interesting article on their front page yesterday morning: 

Teen tries to kill pregnant girlfriend

Police say a city teenager attempted to kill his 16-year-old pregnant girlfriend Saturday night by stabbing her in the woods behind Clay Street because he wasn't ready to be a father.

Chaos erupted Monday at Norwalk Superior Court when 17-year-old Terrence Crawford appeared for arraignment to face attempted murder and first-degree assault charges.

Witnesses said several of the victim's family members tried to attack Crawford after his mother cried out in court for her son. Crawford, of 9 Armstrong Court, was seated to the right of the judge's bench when at least four young women sitting in the front row of the court lunged at him. One witness said a girl even tried to climb over the glass partition that separates the defendants from the courtroom audience.

Marshals stopped the women before they could reach Crawford and cleared everyone out of the courtroom. One woman was dragged out screaming, "I'm gonna kill that (expletive); he tried to kill my sister!"

The Norwalk High School freshman is accused of luring his 16-year-old pregnant girlfriend to a wooded area behind Clay Street and stabbing her repeatedly with a large knife.

Witnesses called police at about 9 p.m. on Saturday after area residents heard screaming in the woods. Witnesses told police they saw two boys carry an injured girl out of the woods to 31 Clay St. The boys then left the girl bleeding in front of the house and fled down the steps to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, police said.

Authorities said the victim suffered from a punctured lung, had multiple stab wounds to her left back area and bled from cuts on her back, neck, hands and buttocks.

Christy Sampson, the victim's mother, said Monday night that her daughter is five-weeks into her first pregnancy, and the baby is doing fine.

Court records show the victim identified Crawford as her boyfriend, and told police in a written statement that he and another teenager, whom she did not know, attacked her in the woods behind Clay Street when she told them she was pregnant.

The victim claims that the friend hit her over the head with a gun while Crawford stabbed her, though she said she did not see the knife. Police arrested a 17-year-old male from Bridgeport in connection with the incident. The Hour is not identifying the Bridgeport teen because, unlike Crawford, he is being treated as a youthful offender.

Police arrested the Bridgeport juvenile near the South Norwalk train station and caught Crawford after a short foot pursuit on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, court records show.

The Bridgeport teen told police that Crawford had been talking since last Friday about killing his girlfriend because she is pregnant and he "don't want no damn baby."

The Bridgeport teen denied having a gun and said he never hit the victim. Police recovered a large knife with a 10 inch blade from the woods but no gun was found.

The article raises a number of questions:

Crawford just found out she was pregnant. According to his friend's story, he'd known before the weekend; according to the girl's story, she told him on Monday. Either way, it didn't seem as if he made much of an attempt to convince her to have an abortion. Wouldn't that have been a much easier way to avoid fatherhood?

Crawford evidently considered fatherhood to be an inconvenience he didn't want. Does he not consider a long jail sentence inconvenient? 

If the boys' intent was to kill her, why did they carry her out of the woods and deposit her in front of a house?

What was a 17-year-old doing in ninth grade? (And it's only early November; if his birthday falls between now and early June, he might have been an 18-year-old ninth grader.) Either Crawford wasn't particularly studious, or he was just incredibly dumb. Judging from his behavior, it's probably the latter.

It's hard to blame the family of the pregnant girlfriend for wanting to kill Crawford. But wouldn't it have made more sense for them to wait until he gets out of jail rather than attack him in a courtroom, where they have virtually no chance of killing him, and if they did manage to do so, would certainly be caught?

The victim's mother said her daughter was five weeks pregnant and the baby was doing fine. But why would the victim still want to have this monster's baby now? It's not as if her biological clock is sounding the alarm (despite Crawford's best attempt to stop it altogether). 

How is it that she didn't see the knife which she was stabbed with, but did see a gun, which may not have existed?  

And why is it that, as Chris Rock once observed, while Martin Luther King Jr. was a man of peace,  any street named after him is invariably one of the most violent?

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