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Monday, November 15, 2010

True story

Back in 1990, my sister's boyfriend's sister worked in Special Ed at a Detroit high school. She had a girl in her class named Female (pronounced, fee-mah-lee, with a short "a") Jones. She always wondered why Female's parents would name her that.

Finally, at a PTA meeting, she met Female's mother, and asked her the question.

Female's mother replied, "We didn't name her that, the hospital did. When she came back from the delivery room she already had a bracelet around her wrist that said Female Jones."

This is normally the kind of story I would dismiss as an urban legend. But I heard it secondhand, from a reliable source.


Anonymous said...

Here's another one for you John. This came directly from the mother of a CC runner that you know. During her son's his written drivers test, the instructor came across the name of student with the first name spelled L-A-hyphen-A "La-a".

The instructor called out "la - ah". From the back of the class room came "Ah, excuse me!?! It's 'la-dash-a'"


John Craig said...

Michael --
That's funny.

I heard another story about a girl in Alabama named Latrina, but I can't ascertain the veracity of that one.

One of my favorite names in all of pro sports is D'Brickashaw, you've probably heard of him.

Then there's George Foreman, who named all five of his sons George because he didn't want any of them to feel slighted by not getting to be the one named after him.

Anonymous said...

I always figured George Foreman named all his sons George because of his expansive view of himself.

Anonymous said...

One more contribution to interesting names - My mom works with a woman whose grandson's name is spelled "Shithead". (pronounced "Shi-theed"). Really.

John Craig said...

Anonymous --
Thank you, but I have to say, that one's a little hard to believe.

Anonymous said...

If this stuff is true we must have veered off into an alternative reality around the 1960s.


John Craig said...

Guy --
That is an absolutely amazing story, but it sounds almost satirical. I have to wonder if it, too, is true.