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Thursday, November 4, 2010

What the future holds

The American people spoke out loudly and clearly two days ago against an expanded federal government, an expanded deficit, and open borders. Two years of Barack Obama have opened the electorate's eyes to who he really is. On Tuesday, common sense prevailed.

The American people are against illegal immigration, government-run health care, and a socialist agenda in general. But what's going to happen in thirty or forty years when the country is majority nonwhite? With a vastly increased Latino population, and a black population which will be much larger in proportion to the white population, there will be a much larger natural base of people who want government-mandated redistribution of wealth.

People aren't paying attention because it's a long way away, but in thirty or forty years when the next Barack Obama comes along, he may not have to disguise his true intentions the way the original one did. People who have thought of themselves as "oppressed minorities" all through the age of affirmative action (the past forty years and counting) are going to discover their power to redistribute at the ballot box.

And all of Obama's dreams will come true.

Then we'll find out what an oppressed minority really is.

Most of the history of the world has been of one tribe conquering another, one people conquering another. The successful tribe would be successful because they were more resourceful at obtaining food, smarter about the weapons they were able to make, and smarter about their battle tactics. No longer. Now, with the most extensive welfare systems in history in place in both the US and Western Europe, conquest will be effected demographically. The winning tribes will simply be those which outbreed their hosts.


Anonymous said...

I worry about colonisation and even about the future of the Caucasian race - here in Europe and in North America. Our politicians have been really short-sighted in allowing mass immigration, especially as the immigrants have way more offspring than we do.


John Craig said...

Gethin --
I have the feeling that whites will remain brainwashed into being too intimidated to stand up for themselves until it's too late.