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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Plastic surgery before and after pictures

A couple evenings ago I saw a picture of an actress with "enhanced" lips (that's one operation that rarely seems to go right), and subsequently found myself wandering around the web looking at various sites detailing bad plastic surgery outcomes. I ended up wasting three -- yes, three -- hours just perusing those sites; I would now like to offer you the same opportunity:

Just keep clicking the "previous entries" icon at the bottom of each page. After looking at enough of these pictures, you'll never even consider going under the knife.

A more recent site has sprung up in seeming rebuttal to the proliferation of sites devoted to detailing bad outcomes:

After looking at this site, you'll actually want to have a little work done.

What all the bad outcomes have in common is that too much was attempted. Plastic surgery is helpful for minor improvements, but it can't give you an entirely new face. Those who tried to get new faces -- Catwoman and Michael Jackson come to mind -- invariably ended up looking like freaks. But in small doses, it can be helpful. With those it helped the most, you would never have guessed they'd had it done.

Now go ahead, waste your time.


Dan.Eliot said...

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Anonymous said...

With most things in life, do it in moderation. Some people become plastic surgery addicts, going way overboard. I can think of some celebrities (e.g., Priscilla Presley, Nicole Kidman, etc.) who lose their uniqueness, their natural beauty by going "under the knife."


John Craig said...

Birdie --
The point has been made by many that Faye Dunaway seems to be the standard plastic surgery "mold" for most women. I agree, many have lost their natural beauty because they've gone under the knife.