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Sunday, January 23, 2011

A plea

If you've been enjoying this blog, I beg you to forward it to three more people. Yes, it's a blog-without-a-theme, but on the other hand, it's got something for everyone:

Baby Boomers will identify with this post:

Advice for a shy young man:

For anyone interested in gossip (that's everybody, whether they admit it or not):

For women who like to look down on men (i.e., women):

For any males fascinated by the concept of masculinity (i.e., all men):

For those with a jaundiced view of Obama:

Thank you.

Addendum,1/26/11: I take it back. The blog does have a theme: human nature

If that's not pretentious enough for you, how about: the human condition?

Wait! I can do even better: la condition humaine.

Now you can send it to all your arty friends too.


Anonymous said...

John. I've mentioned this to you before. I believe the most effective way to broaden your circulation is to get active on FaceBook. Your links would not only be visible to your "friends" but all of mine (assuming of course that I would accept you as a friend). I wonder why you are resistant to this. I'll call you on your cell to discuss. Oh yeah.... nevermind.


John Craig said...

Hoff --
Thanks for the suggestion, it's undoubtedly a good one, but I've been resisting just because I know that if I got on Facebook I'd probably end up wasting a lot of time there.