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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A report you won't see in the NY Times

A friend forwarded the following link a couple days ago.

It is a first person account from someone who taught at a majority black high school in the Southeast for several years. I can't vouch for the veracity of the account -- it was featured on a white nationalist website -- but it rings true. 

When I expressed surprise to my friend -- who takes positions from both sides of the aisle -- that he would frequent such a site, he replied,

"I don't exactly 'hang out' but I sometimes tiptoe around the dark side.

Actually I do like to shop for a wide range of views from across the political and ideological spectrum.  The internet is wonderful for unfiltered commentary, but the downside is that some of it is spiteful bile or uninformed c##p.

But when the terms of the mainstream debates on important questions, like health care or education, are so poorly framed and fail to cut to many core issues, one has to go a little off-piste to make any intellectual progress."

True enough. Take a look at the link, it's more entertaining than you'd think. 


Anonymous said...

I read this essay on American Renaissance a few years back and found it greatly amusing but that's perhaps because my country is for now at least about 99% white and the non-whites we do have are almost entirely gypsies which as far as I know refuse to even go to school. If I was an American I would probably find it really depressing.


John Craig said...

Rona --
I actually didn't find the essay depressing, but almost exhilarating, simply because the author was a guy telling the truth about something that most people will never be honest about.