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Saturday, January 22, 2011


The New York Post featured the following headline this morning: 

"MSNBC pulls plug on gasbag Olbermann."

A few excerpts from the first few paragraphs:

Broadcast blowhard Keither Olbermann's countdown has finally come to an end. The liberal lip of MSNBC was unceremoniously dumped by the peacock network last night....Sources said the network brass basically paid the pontificating pundit to scram...The garrulous gasbag will likely have to stay off the air at least until fall under the agreement. Last night the unemployed uberdork bid his farewell to fans in a long-winded segment....Olbermann then took his message a step further, painting himself as a sort of liberal Joan of Arc...After bidding adieu, the self-styled champion of the little guy was spotted dining late last night at the posh Gramercy Tavern on East 20th Street with four guests.

How appropriate that Olbermann's departure would be celebrated by the Post in an article showing all the balance and restraint that he himself demonstrated over the years.

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