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Friday, February 4, 2011

Just not said

I've taken out the last post with the link to the video showing that killing. The animating spirit of this blog is supposed to be "just not said" -- not "just not shown." So I'm more honest -- or blunt, if you prefer -- than most about race, politics, IQ, sociopathy, dishonest public figures, and my own weaknesses. And I hope that attracts readers who can identify with my take on these things. But a video of a killing is basically pornography of the worst kind. Given that I don't show pornography of the best kind -- nude pictures of beautiful women -- I certainly shouldn't be showing the worst kind.

Apologies to those who were disturbed by it.

(Please note that I don't use the word "offended," as that is what I try to do to those whose sensibilities are too politically correct, and I make no apologies for that.)

The last two posts were an interesting exercise in manipulation, though: a 56-year-old manipulated by a 19-year-old into posting something against his better judgment?

A 56-year-old really can't get any more pathetic than that.


Anonymous said...

John, undoubtedly, many, like me, would surely find watching those videos disturbing - so I didn't watch them. I think you were very clear about the nature of the content.

I appreciate the "animating spirit" of your blog, but of course don't always share your views or have an interest in a particular post. Your capacity to reflect and change is also appreciated.



John Craig said...

Thank you G.

Anonymous said...

Dad --
That's fine, I really don't care that you took those videos down.

Although a little actual pornography might make your blog more bearable.

John Craig said...

Johnny --
Having you 5000 miles away has actually made you somewhat bearable.