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Friday, February 25, 2011

Two requests

I've been told that in order for this blog to grow virally I should request that you put it on your Facebook wall. So, if you've been enjoying it, please do so. You can still distance yourself from the more controversial opinions expressed herein with a statement like, "Sometimes I laugh with him, sometimes I laugh at him, but he does make me laugh." For even more distance, you could say, "An example of how not to think."

I don't mind, honestly. But please do put it up. I'd like to be a virus, or at least viral. Thank you.

Also, having only eleven "followers" makes the blog look a little lame; as grateful as I am to them for having signed up, according to recent page view counts, there are many more people than that who read the blog. So if you don't mind, please sign up. It's completely free. And you don't have to use your entire name, you can just use your first name, or even a pseudonym if you prefer. Think of it this way: if you're reading the blog anyway, this way you'll be alerted whenever there's a new post, and won't have to pull it up just to find that I haven't put up anything new since you last checked.  

I know, two favors in one post is a lot to ask, but I'd be grateful.

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