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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Positive role model

The NY Daily News ran the following article about Sheyla Hershey, who had her KK-sized implants removed after she suffered an infection while trying to have her breast size increased to MM:

She was evidently distraught because she felt "so ugly" without her enhanced breasts. 

She also said, "Once I reclaim my identity as the world's biggest boobs, I can be a better role model for my daughter."

At last, a parent with good values who tries to set a good example!

Had she used the singular form of "boobs" the initial part of her statement would have been more accurate.


Anonymous said...

She really is a boob. The implants are anything but attractive. I viewed more photos of her online. Ewww! She can't possibly be comfortable with those things hanging off her chest. And my god, where in the world does she find clothes to fit? (and I use that term loosely after viewing her photos). The only upside -- no need for a built in airbag in her car!

John Craig said...

"Ewww" is right. You sound like a woman but for me, speaking as a guy, I find those things grotesque.