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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fair and balanced

President Obama issued a brief statement today regarding yesterday's massacre in Norway:

"I spoke this morning to Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg to offer him the condolences of the American people. I wanted him to know that Michelle's and my prayers are with the families of those who were so tragically killed.

"But I would also like to add this note. We don't know all of the answers yet, and I would caution folks against jumping to conclusions until we have all the facts. There has been some loose talk about how Mr. Anders Behring Breivik is a Christian fundamentalist and has ties to far right groups. But there is no proof that these killings had anything to do with his beliefs, and it would be an even greater tragedy if anybody were to use this as an excuse to demonize the far right, or, even worse, to think ill of blond, blue-eyed white people."


Anonymous said...

Breivik's mother was the perfect parent typical of a professionally diagnosed narcissist.
His mother probably had borderline, sexually abused Anders, told him he wish he were dead, and beat him. Typical signs. Breivik is definitely a type of sociopath too, but lacks the charm and ability to manipulate.

What else can I share?
Stalin's father was a heavy alcoholic (and his alcoholism was likely responsible for some of his birth defects like his uneven arm and webbed toe) which already was a bad sign for his brain chemistry from birth. Beat him frequently, and Stalin also grew up in a lawless gang ridden town in Georgia, more anti-social fuel. Though he displayed fear and anxiety frequently, unlike a Ted Bundy. Probably a combination of some genetic predisposition and but more environmental. The purely genetic sociopath with a great childhood has almost no anxiety or fear.

Hitler was a sickly child (more neurological vulnerability than being healthy) whose father was also an alcoholic drunkard who beat and abused him. His mother though was very loving and doting, this probably is why he is less sociopathic as a person compared to Stalin (Hitler was a lonely homeless starving uneducated artist, not a conman and bank robber like Stalin with a huge circle of criminal partners) was more unstable, paranoid, and prone to inconsistent behaviour. Probably borderline and neurotic. Heavy drug use in his later life made him more unstable. There is evidence of poor brain lateralization too and early onset parkinsons during the final years.

Some people take offense at trying to diagnose or figure out the roots of an evil man's neurology and psychology. A Jewish historian once said trying to professionally analyze hitler was equivalent to holocaust denial. I'd have to say to him sorry, but people will still do it.

John Craig said...

Anon --
Interesting, thank you. I knew none of those things, other than that Hitler's mother had been loving and doting.

I agree with you, people like Stalin and Hitler actually NEED to be analyzed even more than most, if only for preventive purposes. The answer to that Jewish historian is, are you saying you want more holocausts?

I've been asked before, was Hitler a sociopath, and I had to say, I don't know. As you point out, some of his background and lifestyle indicate that he might not have been.