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Saturday, September 17, 2011

"How campus thugs defend racism"

There's an excellent editorial by Linda Chavez in this morning's NY Post on the response to a report detailing, among other things, how "a black or Hispanic applicant to the University of Wisconsin-Madison is more than 500 times more likely to be admitted than a similarly qualified white or Asian applicant." 

When Roger Clegg, of The Center of Equal Opportunity -- which funded the study -- debated a law professor there, another professor, Sara Goldrick-Rab, evidently tweeted that Clegg sounded like "the whitest white boy I've ever heard."

Imagine if a professor ever described a black participant in a debate as sounding like "the blackest black boy I've ever heard."

The professor would be immediately relieved of his duties. Any organization he worked for would forever be tainted by its association with him and henceforth be banished from campus. And the New York Times would make it front page news for several days running, and they would write long, agonized editorials about how it symbolized racism in America.

But Ms. Goldrick-Rab was on the politically correct side, so the sky remained in its place.


Brian Fradet said...

Hi John,

This article is near and dear to me for the following reason. In 1980, having been rejected from every medical school I applied, if I was black I would have been accepted summarily as the US has a "quota" on accepting blacks. So, essentially, my career was totally altered because of my ethnic back round. While I don't consider myself a victim of anything, don't believe in that mentality, it's very wrong to discriminate against anyone due to their race as your blog illustrates. Great writing! Brian

John Craig said...

Thanks Brian. Yes, it's ridiculous, the unfairness of it is staring everybody in the face, but no one says a word about it publicly because it's un-pc.

By the way, I think a poor black kid from the inner city should get some sort of advantage over, say, upper middle class kids like my own. (I don't know exactly what that translates to, let's say 300 points on the SATs, something like that.) But likewise, a poor white kid from Appalachia deserves that same advantage. Unfortunately, that's not the way affirmative action works; mostly it's about giving an advantage to middle class blacks over middle class whites.