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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why we're doomed

This is the story of a woman, a philanthropist, who was up in Harlem last October to buy candy for underprivileged children, when two local youths dropped a shopping cart on her head. As a result she was left briefly in a coma, blinded in her left eye, and now needs daily physical therapy.

The woman, Marion Hedges, now says that she forgives the two youths and feels sorry for them. "A shopping mall is no place for kids, but they had nowhere to go on that day."

I'm sure Marion is a very nice person.

But there's also something terribly, terribly wrong with someone so completely brainwashed by liberal propaganda that she can no longer even feel the deep rage which she is entitled to. She is only capable of reacting the way she thinks she ought to react, rather than with any semblance of honest, natural feeling.

You see, the poor dears had no place to go that day. So of course they had no choice but to drop the shopping cart from a three story parking garage onto her head.

With enough of this type of thinking, soon enough there won't be any Marion Hedges left. There will only be the feral types who attacked her, one of whom is now serving 6 to 18 months in a nonsecure facility in Westchester, and the other of whom is spending 6 to 16 months in a therapeutic group home.

And that, in a microcosm, is why we're doomed.

At least Marion's father had a more natural reaction: "What have these two young thugs learned? That you can get away with something like this with very little punishment, and that's a very bad commentary on the state of justice. [They ought to be] hung by their toenails."

At least that's what he said publicly. My guess is that he would actually like to smash a shopping cart onto their heads.

And that's the way he should feel.

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