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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


1. The Supreme Court overturns Obamacare, declaring it unconstitutional.

2. The economy does better as a result.

3. Obama takes credit for the improving economy.

(Addendum, next day: damn it.)


Brian Fradet said...

Hi John,

Hey, I'm just calling this like an umpire. Turns out you were wrong, very unfortunately, and so I must deduct one point from your IQ--instead of 176 you're only 175, still about a hundred points more than me. Seriously this is becoming a socialist country. I only wish your prediction was right. Thanks, Brian

John Craig said...

Brian --
I definitely called this one wrong.

Disappointing decision. The only ray of hope I see is that it will help Romney and the Republicans running for Senate this fall, so Obamacare can be repealed politically. The Republicans have to come up with a viable alternative to Obamacare, though, as healthcare costs are out of control.

John Craig said...

PS -- I wish my IQ were that high.

Pete said...

Having a couple appointees on the court didn't hurt. Calling something, anything, a "tax" makes it legal. They just twist the meaning of words. Getting robbed at gunpoint could be termed a "tax" also, I suppose.
Anyway, does anyone anywhere really know what's in this package? It's supposed to be about 1300 pages long with numerous cross-references to obscure laws. Congress voted it in without knowing what it said. Except for the things we've heard about it, such as the enforced purchasing of insurance, the rest is a mystery. If they wanted to cover everyone then they had a pre-existing structure, Medicare, that they could simply have expanded. Instead they chose to come up with this cumbersome surprise-in-the-making.

John Craig said...

Pete --
You're exactly right. As Nancy Pelosi suggested, we should vote for it in order to find out what's in it.

Obama specializes in opposite-speak. His definition of a "strict Constitutionalist" is Sonia Sotomayor. And you've got to love the way they took such pains to stress that it wasn't a tax when they were passing it, then argued so strenuously that it was a tax once its legality came into question.

As far as Medicare went, they actually tried to cut that down in favor of expanded Medicaid, i.e., transfer money from older whites to poor young minorities. And that, in microcosm, is what this administration is all about.

Anonymous said...

Judge Roberts could have gone for the ultimate irony and announced the greatest government encroachment on personal liberty, at least in my lifetime, on July 4th – in a country that owes its birth to an insurrection against unfair taxation, citizens are now subject to government coercion, legally, per the Supreme Court – purchase what the government tells you to buy, or pay the tax.

Judge Roberts is bound to make judgments based on the Constitution. The founding fathers carefully crafted a constitutional republic and were fearful of unbridled democracy. Individual liberties were to be protected at all costs – government was to be the minimum necessary to preserve order.

I suspect that Pat Buchannan’s speculation is correct – that Roberts wanted to cement his reputation in history by doing the Left’s bidding and defending Obamacare. Instead Roberts should be vilified as the man who abandoned his duty in an attempt at personal fame and a place in history.

Some speculation on the future “free” choices we might be faced with:

- The Left is eager to tamper with another large sector of the economy, energy. In the future we might expect to have the freedom to buy an electric car or pay $3000 per year tax; or to install solar panels or pay $1000 tax per year.
- From Buchanan: to stimulate the economy, buy a new car or pay $5000 tax; and to push it up a notch, why not move the business to Government Motors - $8000 tax if you buy no car; $5000 if you buy non-GM.
- when we have a Democrat House, Senate and President it would be logical for them to mandate that you either register Democrat or pay a $1000 tax. If the US government can order you to make a purchase or be required to pay a tax, then why can’t they order us to do other things as well?
- either pay for a health club membership, or pay $500 tax ( might even sound like a good idea but remember, a certain German fascist also was a health fanatic for his citizenry)

July 4 2012 should be a national day of mourning for Lost Freedom thanks to Judge Roberts.

- Ed

John Craig said...

Ed --
Couldn't agree with you more. I read Pat Buchanan's take on Robert's decision and it makes sense. Roberts wants to be judged kindly by "history" as written by the left.