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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Say "cheese"

Christopher Dorner seemed to be smiling in every photo they showed of him over the past two weeks. And every time I would see one, it would occur to me that had I ever seen that wholesome smile in person, especially in uniform, I would have undoubtedly thought:

Ah, he's one of the good ones, one of the friendly ones....

He's one of the ones who wants to uphold the law....

And despite those intimidating 270 pounds, he's one of the ones I can feel safe around....

Those misimpressions aside, my guess is that Dorner was telling the truth and his supervisor was lying about whether she kicked that schizophrenic in the head that day. (The schizophrenic's father later testified that his son had told him he was kicked after first being released.) And it seems unlikely Dorner would have been filled with rage the way he was had he not been railroaded out of the LAPD unjustly.

Not that any of that justifies his slight overreaction....


Remnant said...

I know hindsight is 20-20, but look just at Donner's eyes in the photo you posted above, and tell me you feel the same way.

John Craig said...

Remnant --
I honestly would not have been able to tell from his eyes how unbalanced he was. They have a slightly aggressive cast, but no more so than most males with a lot of testosterone.

Remnant said...

Fair enough.

The Goad piece was good, but, although it may sound bizarre to say this as Goad discusses race quite a bit, my only critique of the piece was that he does not emphasize the racial aspect enough.

The truth is, American society has been playing with fire for years in demonizing whites, and allowing (in not calling out) pathological black hatred of whites. It is, if you will forgive the phrase, "just not said."

John Derbyshire recently made this point, at how bizarre it was to him, when he first arrived in America, that black hatred of whites - which he found to be the MOST obvious hatred in American society - was simply not commented upon anywhere.

Quote from Derb: "One thing I noticed ... was the plain hatred that many American blacks obviously felt towards whites. .... What did surprise me was the lengths to which white Americans go not to notice it."

John Craig said...

Remnant --
Thanks, that was a great piece by Derbyshire. I actually found his analysis of exactly what cultural Marxism is the most enlightening part.

As far as black hatred of whites, I think a lot of whites are unaware of it simply because they're not really friends with any blacks, at least not to to the point where the blacks would let their guard down around them. Most whites know a few blacks, from school, from athletic teams, and at work, but in those situations generally the blacks are well-behaved middle class blacks who are on their best behavior.

But yes, there's also a certain amount of willful obtuseness. Seeing blacks celebrate OJ's acquittal was an eye opener, but most whites promptly pressed the snooze button and went right back to a state of not noticing, for fear that they be labeled as racists. I've been meaning to write a post about this subject myself, will get around to it one of these days.

Dave Moriarty said...

if you walk around all day with a hammer sooner or later you start looking for nails.

same pattern with guns

Remnant said...

Jared Taylor has done quite a bit of journalistic legwork in creating the video at the link below. If you look at the record -- as Taylor has done -- it is pretty conclusive that Dorner was in the wrong, and also lied vindictively, in connection with the incident that has attrached the most attention: his claim that a female officer kicked a mentally disturbed man.

Dorner was a race fanatic and a true hater. We can now witness everyone from Jesse Jackson to the (black) man in the street claiming with a straight face that a racist killer is a sympathetic and even righteous man.

John Craig said...

Remnant --
Just listened to the entire thing. I completely agree with Jared (I've actually been friends with him since we attended the same high school in Japan) on his larger point about how screaming racism gets unwarranted attention. And there's no doubt that Dorner was a severely unbalanced, obsessive, vengeful character.

It does sound suspicious that Dorner didn't file that complaint until after he'd been put on probation. And it's true that the other witnesses said they didn't see the kick. But it's possible that it could have happened and they just didn't happen to see it, or that they did but didn't want to say so because they feared the police more than they feared the schizophrenic. Also, it's possible that if the officer's shoes were clean they wouldn't have left dirt marks on the schizophrenic's white shirt. The judge in the appeal did say that he wasn't sure it didn't happen. I'm certainly not sure of any of this, which is why I used the word "guess" in the post.

I feel a little weird "defending" Dorner when his overall thought process is one I despise. I'm just saying it seems unlikely that he would have focused all of his rage on this particular incident if he hadn't felt wronged, and as paranoid and obsessive as he was, he probably wouldn't have felt that way if he hadn't seen something.