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Thursday, May 23, 2013

All the news that's fit to prioritize

Yesterday two Nigerian immigrants hacked off the head of a British soldier in London in what was obviously a terrorist attack. Afterward one of them yelled, "Allahu akbar!" and said that jihad would continue as long as the West has forces in the Middle East.

Today the NY Times chose not to put that example of how England is benefitting from its diversity on the front page.

They did, however, give front page coverage to a story about how a sergeant at West Point may have covertly taken videos of women in the showers.

What's a little beheading with implications for the global war on terrorism compared to guy taking videos of naked girls?


Anonymous said...

How about the 4 days of rioting by immigrants in Stockholm?

John Craig said...

Anon --
Good point. The Times plays all that stuff down, if it mentions it at all. This is what they've always done, even with domestic rioting.

W O D said...

Trying to remember a white englishmen going round threatening to and actually beheading people in broad daylight.

Scary thing was they were't crazed.

Maybe he disrespected them.

John Craig said...

W O D --
My understanding is that they were just going after a soldier. He must have been in uniform, or at least wearing some kind of identifying insignia.