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Friday, July 19, 2013

"Obama's statement on Zimmerman-Martin"

A hilarious must-read from Steve Sailer.


Quartermain said...

Obama's first job since law school was community organizer.

Translated into English, that means race hustler, or poverty pimp. Which he still is.

I think 'how convient to cloak the scandals under his belt with race grievance.

Glen Filthie said...

Well Barkie, affirmative action isn't for everyone, is it?

As it stands right now, I saw a righteous shooting that involved a lawful citizen and a vicious thug.

If blacks are going to be stupid and hitch their race whoring wagon to violent criminals - fuck them and fuck Obutthole too. We need MORE Zimmermans and less Trayvons and race has nothing to do with that statement.

Er...pardon my French. God, I will be so glad when that affirmative action social experiment in the Whitehouse is over...

Anonymous said...

Surely you meant, when the affirmative action experiment moves on to the next phase: old, fugly lesbian.