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Monday, July 1, 2013

"The Underbelly of Disbelief"

I was about to write a post on how obnoxious the organized atheists are, but then I just saw that Jim Goad has already said everything I was going to say, undoubtedly better than I was going to say it.

I do have one additional question, though: do organized atheists badger religious Jews as much as they do Christians?

And one suggestion: if they feel as strongly about all organized religions as they claim, why not take their act on the road, to some Muslim countries, and see how their brand of suasion is received there?


bluffcreek1967 said...

Atheists like to ridicule and say all manner of nonsense against Christianity and even Judaism to some extent because they know the Christians (1) won't kill them, and (2) the Christians don't get comfort and aid from the MSM.

But notice that these same atheists almost say nothing about Islam and Muslims. How often do we see atheists protesting at various mosques and doing their best to mock Muslims and their god? They won't do it because they know they'll get persecuted, physically attacked or even killed for doing so. It's 'safe' to mock religion (Christianity) when the people being mocked are peaceful and taught to 'turn the other cheek.' But when they're taught to kill the infidel wherever you find him (Islam), the brave atheists are nowhere to be found.

By the way, the always snide and arrogant atheist, Richard Dawkins, was asked a while back during an interview what he thought of Islam and the rise of fanatical Muslims throughout the world. Dawkins, all of a sudden, became very careful in how he answered. His usual dismissive and condescending attitude toward religion quickly turned into a very bland and guarded statement. It was all very enlightening to say the least/

John Craig said...

Ambrose --
You're exactly right, that's why I suggested that the organized atheists hit the road and see how they're received in Muslim countries. In fact, that's where they're "needed" most: the Muslims do far more to repress their citizenry than Christians would ever dream of.

I would love to see the screaming barefoot atheist linked in Goad's article try his act in Iraq, or Egypt, or Libya, or Syria. Good luck fella.

Rona said...

Scratch a capital A atheist and you'll find a leftist with a passionate hatred for Christians and especially Catholics.

The reason why they don't go after other religions is because their atheism has mostly nothing to do with ultimate meaning of universe and human life if one assumes nonexistance of God and everything to do with destruction of Western civilization and religion that shaped it.

Muslims are very useful tools in the wrecking job of the West and Jews, I'm told, are citicised only by vicious anti-semites. Leftists, being cowards by nature, steer clear of anything that might anger organized groups more powerful and willing to confront them.

It's interesting how many of these people are damaged in various ways and how much of their worldview can be explained by one thing that idiot said: "I was bullied in school by people like you"


John Craig said...

Rona --
That's a perfect analysis. "Atheism" is all about hatred of Christians, and has almost nothing to do with other religions.

That linked video was extremely telling. The anti-atheist calmly asked the atheist if he was capable of a two way conversation, and the barefoot atheist started ranting and raving and cursing and spitting and screaming that the other fellow was not capable of a regular conversation. That's the essence of Leftism.