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Saturday, July 13, 2013

True hatred

The other day I was talking to a young white man who knows all about racial differences in intelligence, criminality, temperament, and so on. He told me something unexpected and interesting.

He said that although he's known several white guys he's hated enough to want to kill, he's never met a single black guy he's felt that way about.

He said that some white guys who were above him at his company would lord their power over him, and think themselves better than him because of their positions, even if they personally were near worthless as human beings. He said that several caused him to fantasize about following them home and shooting them, or beating them to death.

But he had never met a black man whom he'd fantasized about killing. They just never seemed to reach the necessary level of treachery and pretension for that. He also said that a lot of them, even if you got into fights with them, didn't seem to hold a grudge, and would even greet you congenially the next day.

I asked, what about the sullen, militant ones, the ones who obviously hate whites? He said that they don't bother him, that they're just sticking up for their own kind and he had no problem with that. Maybe it was partly because he'd never gotten close enough to enough of them, but he'd just never felt betrayed or backstabbed by them. And he never got the sense that they'd tried to humiliate him just because they could.

I thought about it, searched through my own personal history, and realized that the same is true with me. I've known several people at various points in my life I would have loved to see die, and whom I've fantasized about killing, and every single one was white. And I've simply never felt that way about a black. (Or a brown, or a yellow, for that matter.)

And I, too, am well versed in -- to the point of being a connoisseur of -- racial differences.

There have been plenty of times when black people in general have angered me, such as when OJ was acquitted and TV newcasts showed black people across the nation jumping up and down and cheering as if their favorite team had just won the NBA championships. And there are black public figures, like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, whom I despise. But I've never personally known an individual black whom I've hated enough to want to see dead.

Yet it took the young man pointing this out to make me realize that the same was true of me.


Anonymous said...

I once read something about civil wars being much more brutal than "regular" wars for reasons similar to this.

John Craig said...

Anon --
Interesting, thanks.

lowly said...

Familiarity breeds more than contempt, eh?

John Craig said...

Lowly --
Familiarity and a sense of betrayal, I guess.

Glen Filthie said...

I can think of a couple east Indians and orientals I would have shot for a dime...but no blacks. The pakistanies were fresh off the boat and bought into caste systems though.

I must be more of an equal opportunity hater than you guys.


Anonymous said...

John--You raise an interesting point for certain. My instincts tell me that it is most likely an unconscious decision not to wish ill of a person of color for fear of violent consequence. That said--and I don't wish anyone be killed--I think the world would be a much better place without people like Rev Al, Rev Jessee, and other people of similar profile who prey on their own kind to forward their personal cause for monetary and egotistical gain. Thanks, Brian

europeasant said...

I had more problems with my own kind growing up but of course there were no black people around. The blacks lived about two miles away and never ventured into our area and we never went into their area.
These days there are a few blacks living in my area and I see a few teens walking around. I have not seen any problems so far but their population is very small.
I would not dare walk into the black areas even just to sightsee. It's simply too dangerous. The police do not want any more crime reports to fill out. All the locals know about the no go zones. I wish it were not so but but I'm sure it's that way in all large cities.

John Craig said...

Glen --
I applaud your broad-mindedness.

Brian --
I'm just talking about the fantasy of killing someone, not the act. (Fantasies are without consequence.)

Europeasant --
About three months ago I drove through East St. Louis but never got out of my car. That's about the extent of my courage.

Anonymous said...

"Familiarity breeds more than contempt, eh?"
Exactly the phrase I was going to post. It is evident from the DOJ murder/assault statistics, broken down by race. Sure, blacks commit more crimes per capita, and the black-on-white numbers are much higher than white-on-black, but the vast majority of the crimes are white-on-white and black-on-black. The simple reason being, those groups mostly live in homogeneous groups, and with that closer daily contact, are much more likely to develop hatred for other members of the group.
I knew a white guy who grew up in a white neighborhood, which had a couple black kids at his white school, thought that all blacks were just regular people like everyone else. Then after college he couldnt find a job, and moved into a black neighborhood to manage his parents' apt complex, full of black tenants. He became 'familiar' with them, and 'contempt' would grossly understate his feelings for the entire race. I'm certain he had fantasies of killing as many of them as he could get away with. Fortunately for him, I think he found work back in civilization, and never followed that other path.