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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"Upstate fiend pleads guilty to killing woman, raping 10-year-old girl..."

I'm often struck by how good-looking some sociopaths are. It always seems a little anomalous somehow.

Now, finally, a monster who actually looks like a monster.


W O D said...

I'm interested in sociopaths I've only met one I know of and they were unattractive but through media I would have to say they are good looking.

Through my job I meet a lot neurotic men. I would have to say they are the nicest, most intelligent people you would ever meet. Some I would call modelesque. Weird and I meet them week in week out.

John Craig said...

W O D --
Sociopaths, like the rest of us, encompass the full range of IQ's and looks. But I guess the sociopaths pay more attention to their looks, grooming, dress, etc, because they know it can help them influence people. They're also more likely to get plastic surgery, as the social embarrassment factor does not exist for them.

Yes, nice, neurotic people are at the opposite end of the psychological spectrum as sociopaths.