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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Gays are not the enemy

Many on the Right seem to feel that the gay rights movement is somehow portending the end of civilization.

But gays have never destroyed a civilization; quite the contrary. Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci and all the rest of them were generally civilizing influences.

Think of it this way: if an illegal alien slips into the country, it will cost us tax dollars. It may mean one more member of the Mexican Mafia -- or several, in the next generation. If a gay guy slips his penis into another gay guy, it doesn't affect the rest of us at all.

Gays don't insist on affirmative action. They don't claim that disparate impact is evidence of discrimination. They don't soak up tax dollars like sponges, or require more firemen and policemen wherever they live.

Young gays don't bully other kids and disrupt the learning process for others in their schools. And adult gays won't be "recruiting" our sons and daughters, any more than they could "recruit" you.

To think clearly about them, you have to recognize that whatever personal revulsion you feel about them is only that -- personal. I've had plenty of them make passes at me, and my reactions gradually evolved from utter revulsion (as a teenager), to mild revulsion, to indifference, to -- at age 59 -- mild gratification that anybody would still be interested in me.

But you have to set aside those feelings, and think about who they are. They are our sons, our daughters, our brothers, our cousins, and our coworkers. They are not our enemy.

Have you ever felt in danger walking in the gay section of town? Have you ever paid your taxes and thought, I'm so tired of supporting those lazy goddamn gays? When you hear about a mugging, do you nod knowingly and think to yourself, "Yep, I'll bet anything it was a gay guy"?

Do you get the impression that gays hate straights?

Gays don't tear at the fabric of a society. They stitch and hem and design it. There's no civilization in history which has collapsed because the homos overran it.

Gays don't lower the average IQ. They're not going to send our country into a downward dysgenic spiral. Don't conflate your personal distaste for effeminate men or masculine women with some larger cause. That's misguided.

Take the long view. Gays always be with us, but they're not the ones we have to worry about. This is what's eventually going to destroy our country. Not gay people.


Anonymous said...

"And adult gays won't be "recruiting" our sons and daughters, any more than they could "recruit" you."
You're wrong, there. The only way they can fill their ranks is through recruitment. If the only negative consequence of propositioning a teenager for sodomy is a "No, thank you, Sir (NTTAWT)", they will just keep fishing all day long until someone bites. The saturation of homo-worship in the media today, as well as political protection from "gay bashing" whenever they proposition the wrong guy, will only improve their scoring odds and embolden them.
"Gays don't insist on affirmative action."
Yeah, tell that to the photographer in New Mexico, and the baker in Oregon, who are being sued for refusing to sell their services to gay couples getting "married". To say the gays have not spent the last 30 years waging a cock-in-your-face assault on our culture, demanding to be tolerated, condoned, accepted and included where they're not wanted, is simply laughable. They may not be solely responsible, or even mostly responsible, for ruining the country, but their agenda isn't helping it. I would also speculate that some of the more intelligent ones (supposedly their demographic is very successful and wealthy), are lowering the average IQ, by removing themselves from the gene pool. Back when it was mortally shameful to be out of the closet (ie, throughout history), many of them just "took one for the team"* and raised a family to keep up appearances.

*I was going to say they "just sucked it up", but... eh....

John Craig said...

Anon --
The only people gays can "recruit" are those who are already inclined that way. The healthy heterosexual male's instinctive reaction to the idea of sex with another guy is revulsion, and that will never change. Female sexuality is a little more pliable, but older lesbians generally don't go around trying to "recruit" the same way.

I'm not familiar with the photographer in NM, but I have heard about the case of that baker in Oregon. Those cases are not the same thing as affirmative action. AA is an institution-wide policy across the country, and is about accepting lesser qualified applicants because of their race in order to achieve proportional representation -- which is the opposite of fair and equal treatment. The baker (and I assume the photographer) were more akin to the way blacks were not allowed to sit at certain lunch counters back in the 50's; my sympathies are entirely with the blacks (and gays) there.

I didn't say in the post that the media campaign to "normalize" homosexuality has not been aggressive. And I agree, it's getting to be a bit much. But the way you phrase their dysgenic effect -- "removing themselves from the gene pool" -- is misleading; they didn't actively remove themselves, it's more as if they were removed, against their will; they had no choice but to be gay. And as far as raising a family with a woman "to keep up appearances," I've always thought that was a vile practice which was completely unfair to the woman. Can you imagine being some woman who is romanced by a guy who's just pretending to be attracted to you, then, after the wedding takes place finding out that he has absolutely minimal interest in you? Those poor women -- if THEY want to keep up appearances -- are stuck in sexless marriages for the rest of their lives.

Glen Filthie said...

My daughter is gay, John. You can't BS me on any of this. Also, I live in Canada and was initially sympathetic to gays as you are, but now I am against them all the way.

Originally they wanted out of the closet - and the privacy of their own bedrooms. Who can argue with that? We Canadians wanted to make sure the gays got a fair shake.

But once they got into the bedrooms, they wanted into the classrooms. In Toronto they teach gay sex ed to elementary schoolers! Tell me again there is no link between homosexuality and pedophilia, guys - and pull my other finger while you're at it. It has bells on it...

Then they got into the courtroom. They started suing churches that wouldn't marry them. Then they started suing religious people that spoke out against them. They sued businesses that didn't want to deal with them. They sued companies that refused to hire them. Their liberal lickspittles in the judiciary introduced 'hate crime laws' that made an attack on a gay far more serious than an attack on a regular person.

When my daughter came out of the closet she did so with all the fury and hate of a stereotypical rancid young lesbian. She decreed that she and her love partner were the moral and intellectual authorities of the family and anyone that didn't like it could leave. It tore the family apart - with half of us going along with her, and half going against. Haven't seen her in 3 years, but such are the penalties for not drinking the gay koolaid I suppose.

It is my opinion that the gays today are largely the result of a perverse fad. Their cause gives stupid people a chance to pose and play as moral crusaders. Who knows how they think - I haven't got the time of day for them.

I will grant there are otherwise normal gay folk that just want to be happy and be left alone and I have no problem with them. I have huge problems with the freaks at the pride parades, the pedos trying to use the gays as a lever to open the closet a little wider, and the assaults the gay community has made on the church and my personal freedoms. There are some seriously disturbed and marginal people in their community and they will not be telling me what I can think or say.

Do your homework, John. Most of those cretins are not the friend of freedom loving people.

John Craig said...

Glen --
Wasn't trying to BS anybody.

I agree that the extremists have gone too far. I'm against teaching gay sex ed to elementary schoolers; I'm against "hate crime" laws; and I think that people who hold themselves up as a paragons of virtue are usually the opposite. And my stomach is turned by some of the stuff I see at the Gay Pride parades.

But for the most part, gays just want the same thing everyone else has: out of the closet and the right to marry. That's just equal rights, not special privileges. it's the difference between the blacks wanting to end enforced segregation back in the 50's vs. wanting affirmative action now. i sympathize with the former, detest the latter.

I'm sorry about your problems with your daughter. But however you feel about gays personally, they're never going to be more than 5 or 10% of the population, and they simply don't have the potential to bring our society down. What's going to destroy our country in the long run is being outbred by the low-IQ's, and that's a process which is already in motion.

Anonymous said...

When I looked at the video of the "woman" with the mess of kids. To say the least, I was disgusted. This "woman" ranted on about how it is society's duty to financially support her and all of her kids, via taxpayer money. Has anyone ever told her straight out about birth control and that if you can't afford to have kids, you don't have them. It could be that this "woman" is a sociopath breeding more of her kind.

John Craig said...

Anon --
Don't know about sociopathy (it's certainly a possibility), but she definitely has an overly strong sense of entitlement to accompany her lack of responsibility. But even more than any of those things, it's the propagation of her low IQ that spells doom for us.

Anonymous said...


The "woman" doesn't seem to have any shame or embarrassment over her choices, having fifteen kids, ten by the jailed boyfriend. Of course, the government will have to come in and "help" her support her brood of kids. Too bad, the government couldn't force this "woman" to get sterilized - she's proven that she's a good candidate for such a procedure. Just thinking about the video makes me mad. I feel sorry for her kids, having her as a "mother."

John Craig said...

Anon --
She's shameless enough, no question. I'd just need more evidence before I labeled her a sociopath. But the problem isn't just her; it's the fact that there are many like her. And a lot of those kids will end up being a burden on society as well. And they'll have more kids....

Anonymous said...


I enjoy reading your articles, wanting to let you know this. A year or so ago, I stumbled upon your blog when I was googling "Bill Clinton is a sociopath." I've been reading your blog ever since. Also, I have no problem with gays, wanting them to have equal rights, being treated fairly and with consideration.

Glen Filthie said...

'BS' was a poor choice of words, John. 'Misinformed' is better.

But the fact is that no, the majority of these people want to dictate what you think. They also want to annoy you and control you too. Any debate I have had or seen with them always ends the same way: with the queers insulting those that disagree with them and even calling them homophobes.

But I suppose I'm biased. My experience with them has not been good.

Anonymous said...

The final words of the woman in the video were absolutely priceless "somebody needs to be held accountable, and they need to pay". Yes lady, and that person is you.

John Craig said...

First Anon --
Thank you very much. You must know a bit about sociopathy to have Googled that about Clinton.

Glen --
Judging all gays by the actions of the radicals among them is a little like judging the anti-gay movement (or all Christians, for that matter) by the actions of the Westboro Baptist Church. (They're the ones who go around protesting at military funerals and saying the soldiers will burn in hell.) I agree that "homophobe" has become almost as overused and meaningless as "racist."

Second Anon --

Glen Filthie said...

Sorry John, but no, it's not.

You do not have tens of thousands of perverts out parading for the Westboro Baptist Church, you don't have law makers bending over backward to mainstream them and protect them, and you don't have the media ignoring their transgressions and white washing them.

I'm sorry, you're just wrong about this. That is no sin, millions of others are too. In time they will come to realize it.

Anonymous said...

Hi John,

Hey excellent article about gays. I actually like gays very much as I find them sincere and humane, more so than many macho straights. Also, I believe strongly in the theory that homosexuality is natures hedge against overpopulation. If anything, there aren't enough gays to balance all the crazy and trashy straights. Thanks for this wonderful venue. Brian

John Craig said...

Thank you Brian. Not sure I agree that they're more sincere than straights; your experience seems to have been as uniformly positive as Glen's has been negative. I guess mine has been somewhere in between.

Anonymous said...

As with any group (eg. gays, straights, etc.), there will be good people and bad people, representing the same group. The bad people are usually the one's who are turn-offs, not representing the group in a positive way.

Yes, I do know about sociopaths, having learned about them the hard way, in my personal life and my work life. Every sociopath that I have known is a TROUBLE MAKER. What I appreciate about you is the fact that you "get" this disorder, how to identify who is or isn't a sociopath. Through your writings about the subject, I've learned a thing or two (more than what I already knew). Thanks.


John Craig said...

Birdie (As in "A little birdie told me?") --

You've summed this post -- and the responses to it -- up perfectly. Unfortunately, it's usually the worst people who become the public faces for a movement, and the radical in-your-face gays are the ones given the most attention by the media.

Thank you again re: sociopaths. I learned the hard way too, through my own naiveté with a woman I sort of dated at age 25. I actually spent a lot of time later with another sociopath, whom I knew was a sociopath, my last boss on Wall Street. But there was nothing I could do about that situation other than quit my job, which is what I eventually did. So I'm quite familiar with their affect, their ways of expressing themselves, their way of seeing themselves, their feelings about others, etc.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this piece, John. Gays have existed since the dawn of time and have never brought civilisation to shreds before. They've have contributed to science, medicine, art, literature and philosophy just like straight people have.

A couple of points though:

- I don't think it's fair for Anon to accuse them of dysgenics. It's an unfortunate trend amongst people with high IQs to have less children, whatever their sexuality. Also, there are lesbians who do have biological children through the help of sperm banks.

- There was a contradiction in what Glen wrote. He said he was initially sympathetic towards gays, but become annoyed when they started suing businesses who wouldn't hire them, etc. Either one is sympathetic towards gays, or one thinks they should be refused jobs based on sexuality alone. It cannot be both.

- Regarding suing churches who won't marry them, and the gay pride parades, please note that many gays also disagree with this. I've known gay people who refuse to attend the parades, and who don't think churches should be forced into accepting them.

- As for teaching gay sex ed at primary schools, surely no sex ed should be taught to kids that young - not just gay sex ed? Even for older children, "gay sex ed" doesn't need to be taught at all. Teaching people how to use a condom is the same regardless of who they're intending on using it with.

- As for Brian's comment, I agree with you that gays shouldn't be stereotyped as being "more sincere and humane" than straights. I've met some pretty nasty, narcissistic gays in my time. In my experience, they're no more or less sincere and humane than the straights.


John Craig said...

Thank you Gethin. You're right, sex ed shouldn't be taught at all at the elementary level, now that I think about it. And yes, gays come in a full range of moralities as well as IQ's, just like the rest of us. And it's too bad those gays who don't support invading churches that don't want them don't get a bigger voice in the media.