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Sunday, September 1, 2013

"Naive journo's hell tale as Somalia hostage"

The headline makes this sound as if it's a hard luck story about naivete, but in fact it's an modern day Aesop's fable about the dangers of narcissism, both for the narcissistic personality and those who would befriend her.


bluffcreek1967 said...

That article is amazing and truly highlights the stupidity and narcissism of white liberals! On top of all the horror she and Nigel experienced, she starts returns there and starts an organization for Somali relief!?

John, she's not only a narcissist, she's a conniving and evil woman! This story is a classic illustration of how insane some whites become in their misguided altruism. At every point when she had clear warning not to go any farther in her efforts, she ignored and ridiculed it! I would not have given her one damn penny to rescue this complete moron!

John Craig said...

Ambrose --
Yes, that little anecdote about how she tried to convince her mother to take the $500k that Nigel's family raised and use it just to free her was quite telling.

I actually don't think it was misguided altruism in her case, just a desire to become famous and known for her virtuousness. The whole campaigning for sainthood thing is usually a dead giveaway that someone is the opposite.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this sounds exactly the type of thing a narcissist would do - foolishly risking two lives for a bit of fame (is it just me, or do narcissists seem more reckless than most people?). If it were not for that bit about her asking to be rescued at the expense of her friend, then I might have more sympathy for her. And you're right that her new charity is probably not true altruism, but a ploy to make her look like a saint - a real saint would never betray a friend like she did. If she wants to be genuinely altruistic, she would do well to follow the footsteps of St. Maximilian Kolbe, a priest who volunteered to die at the hands of the Nazis in order to save the life of another man.

John Craig said...

Anon --
Thank you, you are right on target. Sociopaths are known for being reckless both with their own lives and with those of others, and narcissists are halfway to being sociopaths, so yes, I suppose it makes sense that narcissists are more reckless too. It would also make sense because a narcissist would have a certain baseless confidence in his/her own ability to get out of any scrape.

And yes. St. Maximilian she is definitely not.