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Saturday, October 5, 2013

But he won the election!

I've heard several people say recently that Republicans should just give up fighting Obamacare and face the fact that Obama won the election.

Do these people think that those congressmen somehow just appointed themselves to office? Or that they got into office through a coup?

Each and every Congressman currently in the House won his election, just as Obama won his. 

The only difference I can see is that these Congressmen ran on platforms they intended to honor, whereas our "post-partisan" President did an awful lot of lying to get himself elected.

It would have been better if the Republicans had not pursued this method of repealing Obamacare, since it's not a winning strategy. But the idea that they should give up just because the other side won the Presidential election is ridiculous.

(By the way, Republicans never argued that the Democrats in Congress should give up resisting and face up to the fact that Reagan, or either of the Bushes, won the election.)


Anonymous said...

What annoys me about this is that Obama technically didn't win the election. The only reason he got through was because of the electoral college. Romney won the popular vote fair and square. It's just like elections here in the UK: the Conservative party often wins the popular vote, but Labour still wins the election because their constituencies are smaller, so less people need to vote for them so they can win seats. What a farce.


John Craig said...

Gethin --
According to Wikipedia, Obama won the popular vote 51.1 - 47.2%. (I remember hearing it was 51-48 at the time.)

I agree with you about the electoral college, it's an outdated concept, but it didn't seem to make the difference here.

I do think there were irregularities in the election that were never looked into the way they should have been, such as the 99% turnout that several wards in Philadelphia reported. if they in fact had a legitimate 99% turnout, that would be unheard of in the annals of Presidential elections. There were number of other irregularities as well. And the fact that the Democrats are working so hard to ban voter ID laws on the grounds that they intimidate minorities is pretty much proof that they WANT to see more cheating going on. (Why has no one ever complained that it's racist to demand that black people need ID's to drive, or cash a check, or fly on a plane, just like everyone else?