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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Disparate impact

Eric Holder's Department of Justice recently announced they will be suing the city of Austin, Texas, Fire Department.

Evidently blacks (and to a lesser extent, Hispanics) did not pass the written test for firefighters at the same rate as whites did. No one has suggested that the test was designed with racial discrimination in mind, or that it wasn't objective, or that the knowledge needed to pass it is not relevant to being a competent fireman. But blacks did not do as well on the test as whites, which is disparate impact, and therefore constitutes grounds for a lawsuit.

It's a story we've heard many times before: organizations are forced to hire lesser qualified blacks over whites until racial balance is achieved.

Some may consider disparate impact to be an insidious concept that turns the concept of fairness on its head.

Personally, I feel that Holder has not taken it far enough.

It is often reported that blacks are jailed at a rate far higher than whites are. Is that not also disparate impact? Holder should sue to achieve racial balance in the nation's prison system. If blacks are overrepresented relative to their percentage of the population at large in prisons, either they should be released or more whites imprisoned until racial balance is achieved.

I suppose the obvious defendant here would be the Department of Justice, but, well, Holder would probably still consider it a good cause.

Come to think of it, there are a lot of racial disparities that need to be rectified:

Blacks don't graduate from college at the same rates as whites, either. Colleges need to be put on notice that from now on, graduation rates need to be made, ahem, fair.

The average net worth of black families is less than that of white families. This too smells like grounds for a lawsuit. The obvious solution is to tax only whites until equality is achieved. This may seem draconian, but when you think about it, is no worse than depriving higher-scoring whites of their preferred jobs.

Blacks are also underrepresented among the Forbes 400. Holder should sue until racial balance is achieved there, too.

Blacks have babies out of wedlock at a much higher rate. (Just don't allow whites to marry until the illegitimacy rates are brought into line.)

Far more blacks grow up in single parent households. (White men need to be taught that being with the same woman just isn't that exciting after a while.)

SAT scores need to be brought into line. (Copies of the answer sheets should be distributed in inner city classrooms until parity is achieved.)

And racial differences are just the beginning. Short people should sue for not being discriminated against by the NBA. Ugly people should sue for being unfairly excluded from the modeling industry. People with Aspergers Syndrome should sue for being last hired and first fired as salesmen.

It's the Holder Era: personal merit is an outdated concept. And to enforce that philosophy, the solution is more government meddling.

I'm actually thinking of bringing suit myself. Now that I'm 59, I've noticed that young women no longer find me attractive. This is obvious age discrimination. And I know for a fact that other guys are getting laid more than I am.

Anyone care to join me in a class action suit?

We could call it Fast or Furious. (As in, if the girls don't start putting out fast, we're going to be furious.)

I'm sure Holder would approve.


Anonymous said...

Why would blacks ever want to be firemen? You'd think their previous encounters would keep them far, far away from fire hoses. This sounds sorta like a Jew suing to work on a gas chamber construction project.

Glen Filthie said...

As a judge I would throw that one out in a flat second: discriminating against idiocy and poor performers IS legal.

Then I would throw Holder out on his black ass.

Jeez - if blacks were truly equal they would hang that asshole themselves! We should have picked our own damn cotton...