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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Grass roots movements

An article from ABCNews this morning outlined how people are defying federal orders to shut down various parks and monuments:

Call them the shut-down rebels: Individuals, businesses, cities and state agencies that are defying federal orders to shut down and go home. They are taking a page from the playbook of veterans who last week ignored "closed" signs at the WWII Memorial and--figuratively speaking—jumped the barricades.

Usually, "grass roots movement," "the will of the people," "rebels," and "storming the barricades" (or Barry-cades, as the NY Post put it) are phrases you associate with left-wing movements. This past week they've taken on a distinctly right-wing flavor.

People all over the country are fed up with the National Park Service obeying administration orders to take more man hours -- not less -- to close down open air monuments and roads with scenic turnoffs in order to insure that the government shutdown be as painful as possible.

It's gratifying to see.

Orwell made Big Brother a Leftist, and not a libertarian or conservative, for good reason.


Anonymous said...

This is a good article. In our country, it seems that insanity rules. It's good when those possessing a healthy dose of common sense act, show themselves. To me, there is something wrong with the people at the top, who govern our country, and it's not all good.


John Craig said...

Birdie --
Thanks. Unfortunately, the kind of person who does best at politics is the type of narcissistic personality who'll say whatever it takes to advance his career, the best interests of the country be damned.

Baloo said...

Another really good one, and I've reprinted it, with a graphic made from a quote from it here:

Spychiatrist said...

Many politicos are pathological personalities to start with. So many people outside of politics have this naive notion that somehow people in leadership positions are more honorable and dignified than the average man on the street. The pathological types use this naivety to their advantage. Of course, this is nothing new as history tells us, it's just that people keep falling into the media's net. The media also running constant interference for the pathological lefties.

Given the choice between a fascist and a leftist; I'll take the fascist any day of the week. At least the rightist have some sense of nationalism and pride in their domiciles. The left seems to want to shit all over their own nest and pretend that nothing's unusual about doing it.

I'm independent politically, however, I am a nationalist meaning that a nation is a somewhat COHESIVE culture with a somewhat common aim towards the future.

AmeriKa is the very antithesis of this now. AmeriKa is becoming a Balkanized $hithole of unimaginable proportions. Blacks are waging open warfare on whites in the cities and the lefties in the media are covering it up.

This fact alone could cause a right-reactionary movement; what the left endearingly loves calling "fascist". People in AmeriKa are getting fed up and that is why the government is ramping up its police state. They know what kind of Hell they've created here in AmeriKa, the only question: What are good people to do?

John Craig said...

Spychiatrist --
Well said. The average person who's never been close to such a pathological personality has no idea what they're really like, and swallows the public image the media present. We got a little taste of it with Bill Clinton, who is a textbook sociopath. And now we're getting another taste with Barack Obama. Both of them came from family backgrounds that couldn't possibly have produced anything other than a pathological personality.

And yes, it is sad the way the media covers up so much. Thank you for that comment.

Baloo said...

Wow, indeed. This is a very fruitful post — I've made an illustrated version of a quote from Spychiatrist!