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Thursday, October 3, 2013


Two days ago CNN and NBC announced that they are going to drop their proposed biopics about Hillary Clinton, partly because of the objections of Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, who said that they would amount to little more than pro-Clinton propaganda, and partly because of the objections of their news units, which claimed that the projects would affect their reputations for "impartiality."

Yesterday the NY Times reported that Hollywood is now interested in a picture about Hillary Clinton focusing on the romance between the young Hillary and Bill.

One of the original biopics, which was to have focused on the mature Clinton, had been slated to star Diane Lane.

Here's Clinton:

And here's Lane.

Is it possible that the initial questions about the movie's objectivity might have been mollified had the movie been slated to star Roseanne Barr, to whom Clinton bears a much closer physical resemblance?

Coincidentally, Roseanne was the 2012 Presidential candidate of the Peace and Freedom Party.

In a similar spirit, I would like to suggest that the new Hollywood project about the young Hillary star Lena Dunham:

This, too, would be appropriate on more than one level.

Given Hollywood sensibilities, however, it seems much more likely that the young Hillary will be portrayed by Keira Knightley:

One can only imagine who they'll get to play the young Bill Clinton. Given that Brad Pitt is now too old, they'll probably give the role to Chris Hemsworth.

Sometimes, all you need to know about the politics of a movie is in the casting.


Spychiatrist said...

I've always thought Diane Lane to be hot. She's a real beauty, I'd hate to think that she would play Hillary Klinton.

They'll have to apply a ton of makeup to Diane to make her hideous like Hillary.

John Craig said...

Spychiatrist --
Agreed about Lane.

This post wasn't meant as a criticism of Clinton's looks, only as a criticism of Hollywood's skewed portrayal of her looks (and undoubtedly, her personality).

Anyone who wants a more accurate sense of her personality should watch Shakespeare, Lady Macbeth might as well have been based on her.