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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wrong tactics

The Republicans are not going to win the battle of publicity over this government shutdown. Barack Obama and Harry Reid and their willing accomplices in the media will paint the Republicans as the obstructionists who closed down the government

In fact, according to recent polls, the public doesn't want the government shut down but also doesn't want Obamacare, so the House Republicans, by voting to fund everything except Obamacare, are only doing the public's will. But that's not the way it will be perceived.

It's unfortunate the House didn't just concentrate on stripping members of Congress and the administration of their special healthcare packages and forcing them to accept the same Obamacare that they foisted on the rest of the country. That would have given the public a clear view of how hypocritical our ruling class actually is, and public sentiment would have been overwhelmingly on the side of the Republicans, regardless of media spin.

It's not too late to send such a bill to the Senate; let's hope that's the House Republicans' next move.


Glen Filthie said...

I don't understand this John. Please correct me if I'm wrong:

America can't afford the social programs it has now. Social spending is responsible for anywhere between a 200~400% increase in deficit spending during Obama's terms. (Those numbers I have vary depending on who is talking about it).

So with all that, now Barkie wants to throw healthcare on top of that???

To me it shouldn't even be a question, the mobs should be forming at the Whitehouse demanding the president be hung from a lamp post! Good can you paint this as the Republican's fault and believe it unless you are stupid?

John Craig said...

Glen --
I'm not painting it as the Republicans' fault; I'm saying that the media will paint it that way and that portion of the public which doesn't follow politics closely will just swallow it without really thinking about it.

True, America cannot afford a lot of the social programs it has now, nor can it afford some of the other stuff, like needless wars. But Obama doesn't care; he just wants to transfer as much money from wealthy (and middle class) people to poor people (read: black people) as he can while he's in office.

As far as the media painting it this way, I don't think it's purely a matter of stupidity, but dishonesty as well. They have to know by now that this President has been involved in several scandals which would have brought down other Presidents (the IRS scandal, the NSA scandal, Benghazi, among others) but willfully turn a blind eye because they tilt Left.

Spychiatrist said...

True that.

Perception is 9/10ths of the law. Perception means everything in this land and reality must fit itself into the notions of the low info's swallowing the Kool-Aid.

Reality will set in some day though. Probably in the form of rampant hyper-inflation. When that happens rest assured that Madison Ave and the goons in DC will be blaming the wrong people; thus perpetuating the perceptions of the masses of @$$e$ out their worshiping at the feet of their mocha-messiah and the ditto heads drinking from Mount RUSHmore.

John Craig said...

Spychiatrist --
I've never listened to Limbaugh but as a libertarian think -- and I actually think it's pretty obvious to anyone who views the situation with an open mind -- that the fault of the hyperinflation-to-come (and I agree, it's coming) is those in the government who cannot stop spending and see government as the answer to every ill. The Fed, with its nonstop printing of money and driving of interest rates as low as they are, also bears some blame. Also, while Obama bears plenty of blame, it's also true that every President before him has increased the overall government debt dramatically.(Clinton temporarily reduced the yearly deficit, but that was primarily a function of the huge capital gains taxes coming in during the internet bubble, which had nothing to do with him).