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Friday, December 27, 2013

Fun vs. not fun

A young man recently told me, "Dumb girls who realize they're dumb can be fun. Dumb girls who think they're smart are just a big pain in the ass."

He thought for a moment, then added, pensively, "And really, those are pretty much the only types of girls there are."

When I mentioned a highly intelligent girl this young man knows, he admitted there might be exceptions, but then insisted they were rare. He noted that most women have "hive minds," i.e., are overly influenced by mainstream opinion.  

I'm not necessarily agreeing with the young man's sentiments.

But I'm not necessarily entirely disagreeing with them either.


Baloo said...

Boy, did I ever rush to reblog THIS one!

This one's just for fun. For heaven's sake, don't take it seriously. Really. Don't.

Glen Filthie said...

I didn't realize it until Uncle Bob said it - that most women are fascists and socialists by nature.

Can this be attributed to poor parenting, poor genetics, or a toxic feminist political climate?

Perhaps it is my imagination but I agree with many of the more intelligent bloggers that maintain the quality of the North American female has plummeted.

John Craig said...

Glen --
The socialist part I'd attribute to nature/genetics, the fascist part more to the toxic political climate.

I actually know plenty of women who are quite intelligent, but this age of political correctness hasn't done anyone -- them included -- any favors.

Spychiatrist said...

I don't know about them being fascists, but socialists, yes.

It's due to their emotional/nurture natures. Women-by nature-are nurturers, contrary to feminists lies.

As each day goes by, I myself, become more fascist by definition and I'm unapologetic about saying that too. This PC-Hell has made me that way.

John Craig said...

Spychiatrist --
No question about the nurturing part, that's why so many women treat their cats and dogs as substitute children. Evolutionarily it wouldn't make any sense for them to be any way, and it's the same throughout the mammalian kingdom.

I'd say that most PEOPLE are fascist to some extent. Very few people are willing to listen open-mindedly to opposing opinions, period. (The definition of a fascist is someone who wants to shut down opposing viewpoints.) I don't know many liberal who watch Fox, nor conservatives who watch MSNBC (which is far more extreme than Fox, they almost never let a single conservative voice on). Not listening to is not quite the same thing as wanting to shut down, but it's a step in the same direction.

Pavonine99 said...

As a woman and a misanthrope, I agree with the above, most PEOPLE are close-minded. I'm not being PC here-I think that more men than women are independent thinkers,but sensitive, intellent people have always been a minority.

Pavonine99 said...

...And I misspell intelligent.

John Craig said...

Pavonine --
Well said.

(Hadn't realized you were a woman.)

John Craig said...

Pavonine --
Hadn't even noticed the misspelling, and if I had, would have assumed it was a typo. I'm afraid Autofill has caused me to look like an idiot more times than I care to count. It turns what would look like an obvious typo into an actual word which makes no sense in the context.

Dr Know said...

The definition of fascism is merging of corporate and government. Government owns all corporations and corporations own the government. Don't know what you guys think it means.