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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Where's the outrage?

The knockout game has been going on for a couple years now, and finally got some publicity within the past couple months. Virtually every assailant has been black, and the vast majority of victims have been white.

Finally, there has been an instance of a white doing it to a black. Conrad Alvin Barrett, 27, knocked down a 79-year-old black man, in Fulshear, Texas, then boasted about it on social media.

The Eric Holder Justice Department has chosen that case to bring its first federal hate crimes charge relating to the knockout game. After years of blacks doing it to whites, finally, a white does it to a black, and the machinery of the Justice Department finally kicks into gear.

When I first heard about this, on Steve Sailer's blog, I thought it might be a joke. But when I read about it for the second time, I realized that it wasn't.

What would the reaction have been had the knockout game been perpetrated by whites on blacks for years, and then, the first time a black did it to a white, the Justice Department finally decided to bring hate crimes charges? Would the media have turned a blind eye?

This post is not a defense of Barrett. He deserves jail time for his attack, as do all the other perpetrators of this "game." It's an indictment of the Holder Justice Department.

Has there ever been a more blatant example of what Eric Holder, and, by extension, the Obama administration, are all about?

The DOJ's press release was put out five days ago, yet there has been almost no reaction from the mainstream media.

You'd think they'd be embarrassed to do this. But they seem beyond embarrassment. And they must have assumed, rightly, that the media would let it pass without comment.

Maybe I'm the one who's off-kilter here. Maybe, when a young white man decides to attack a defenseless old black, it's done with hatred. But when a group of young black men decide to knock out a defenseless old white, they are completely without malice.


Glen Filthie said...

No, it's not you John - it's the entire black community starting from that affirmative action negro in the Whitehouse and from there - right on down the line.

Look at the different responses too:

Whites will always say of this incident (and I quote almost verbatim) 'Throw the book at that little shit! And do the same to the blacks!!!'

Blacks will circle the wagons and defend the knock out gamers or make phony, lame excuses for them. They did the same for Trayvon Martin. These are 'Obama's sons' running amok so of course they will get a pass.

Blacks (including that POS in the Whitehouse) - are the biggest racists out there and it's time to give them the same boot that was given to the KKK.

Holy crap...I guess we know where all the outrage went...I've got it!!!

Baloo said...

Again you say what I'm thinking but say it more clearly and concisely than I can, therefore I reblog it:

Spychiatrist said...

You're absolutely not off kilter John. Not at all.

What we're witnessing is official state-sanctioned and approved activities. Think about it. Is it not the "Justice Dept." bringing these charges?

Holder and Obama are both black radicals. Think about what they're really doing for a moment. They're using the power of the state to persecute people of a SPECIFIC color. In this case it's a white man. The white man is clearly guilty, but they are sending a clear message that they will not be F'd with. As long as they have power, they will utilize it to their advantage.

They are demonstrating racial politics at its finest. They have the complete complicity of the media and the force of government on their side. These clowns take glee in smacking white America around, let's face it, they want to punish us collectively for what they perceive as our collective sins against "people of color".

People of color is their mantra. Diversity is their religion and collective government force is their vehicle of retribution.

Quartermain said...

Here is Badeagle's take on the issue:

Spychiatrist said...

"So what we have here is a case of genuine political theater, in the best Leftist tradition. A deliberate act by an agent provocateur intended to highlight injustice and speak truth to power by forcing the hand of The State to act in an unjust manner.

Unfortunately for him, Barrett was working off an outmoded playbook based on an age when The State represented the forces of conservatism while the media organs were controlled by Progressive activists, a state of affairs not seen since the 1960s. Now, when The State has become the major force of Progressive destruction and the media organs merely an adjunct of The State, Barrett will find that he has offended all the regnant powers at once and the theatrical force of his gesture will be utterly nullified.

With any luck, some gutsy lawyer will take up his case to drive the absurdity of "hate crimes" laws all the way to a Supreme Court reckoning, though that will simply mean the four Commie justices plus the co-opted Roberts will stamp them as State Approved.

White people: they can't win for losing."

Borrowed this from Sailers Blog comments.

John Craig said...

To all:
Thank you for the comments, it's hard to disagree about this one.

That link doesn't seem to work.

Quartermain said...

I understand, I can't return to the website either, give it a day or two.

Maybe the NSA is messing with the website or something.

John Craig said...

Allan --
Just took a look a Yeagley/Bald Eagle's take on Obama and Holder. He's right on target. Their nakedly anti-white stance is what's amazing; there's not even a pretense of fairness.